Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Sorry about the lack of posts of late. I tend to do much of my posting at work, and just recently I have been so busy with end of financial year 'issues', and what I call 'work', that it has seriously impacted on blogging time. So unfair.

So, here's a recap of what's been happening since late last week.
  • Friday night Bodhi and I went out for a 'boys night out' in my 'hood, which started off at The Newtown Hotel and ended up at The Imperial Hotel (where the opening interior bar scenes, and some early exterior shots, in the film Priscilla: Queen of the Desert were filmed). We had a great time, cut up the dance floor some, drooled over Marcello, the particularly beautious dancing boy from the drag show, and enjoyed the new 'smoke free' zones at The Imperial. Like the Energiser Bunny, Bodhi could have gone all night, but I called it quits at 3am. Good times!
  • Saturday I hung out at the Buddhist centre I attend and spent about 6 hours processing some of the back-log of data entry that I let build up. A couple of my friends from the centre showed up and we packed books and other merchandise ready for our stall at the Tibetan Cultural Festival on Sunday. Afterwards we went and had a coffee at a nearby cafe and soaked up a bit of (short-lived as it turned out) winter sun. Afterwards I was kind of bushed and short on sleep from Friday night's dancefest, so I had a quiet night in and then turned in early.
  • Early Sunday morning I headed back to the centre to help load up the merchandise, and then take it over to the Petersham Town Hall for the Tibetan Cultural Festival to celebrate His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 70th birthday. It was a cold and drizzly morning, so it was especially hard to get out of bed. The Festival started a bit quietly, given the weather, but by lunchtime it had filled up with quite a diverse crowd of locals, Buddhist monks and members of the Tibetan community. Bodhi joined me to check out the Festival, and hang out, and of course he did some 'retail therapy'. We left the Festival at lunchtime and headed into the
    Art Gallery of New South Wales where we cruised the sculpture & Asian art sections in particular, played my favourite game of 'spotto, there's a cute one!' and sat at the cafe overlooking the water (where cakes and a spectacular cheese platter were had). Sunday night was the usual 'couch potato's night-in' and catching the latest episode of Outback House. Amusing moment; when Gay Dan, erstwhile failed shepherd and now gardener and house-boy on the homestead, commented after castrating a lamb with his teeth* "The worst thing is, I won't ever be trusted with a set of testicles in my mouth ever again." Word.

So, a fun weekend of everything from High Art to High Camp, from the Spiritual to the Profane. That's my life, right there.

* Not a practice I condone, or recommend.

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Bodhi said...

Yes, my fellow readers, its true that our beloved TOA piked out on Friday night at only 3am, apparently he needs some thing called "sleep" (?): a ridiculous concept if you aske me. A boy never tells all his secrets, but after leaving TOA on Friday lets just say that I personally got to bed a little before 6am .

And as to the delicious and beautious Marcello, all I can say is move over Brad as there is a new Number 1 in my life!

Marcello, Marcello, where for art thou Marcello? But hark, what light through yonder mirror ball breaks ... **sigh**

And as to the retail therapy, I will have you all know that I bought three items for The Kid, and yet only two items for moi. So I was committed to the Buddhist practise of Dana, or generosity, you understand. I'm such a giver.

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia