Thursday, June 16, 2005

Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part... Errr... Part Something

Despite a poor night's sleep last night, I'm feeling pretty bright and cheerfull today. Perhaps in part due to:
  • New underwear. Without delving into 'too much information' lets just say - at last a boxer/brief hybrid with adequate 'support'. I'm all about the snug. Oh, and they flatter your arse - just sayin'.
  • Sunny and warm(ish) winter days. Thanks Global Warming!
  • Scissor Sisters DVD, bought on sale, with lots of cool extras. They seem genuinely grateful for their fans and their success, and quite humbled by it, which frankly is both refreshing and charming. The live concert on the DVD filmed in Brighton, England is excellent. My old flatmate met Jake at a gay bar in my neighbourhood, when they were in town doing promotions, and to all accounts he was hot, friendly and charming.
  • Carter Beats The Devil. I picked this up for $5 on a sale table, and it's a gem of a book. A third of the way into it so far, and loving it.

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