Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Cabinet Of Curiosities

A little Sunday link-o-rama on a loose theme of things visual:
  • From the 'I can't quite believe my eyes' department Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you the all new revised Jack Osbourne. So visually improved is he that he joins the small ranks of The Unfugged. I draw the line at saying he's cute, but the change is remarkable.
  • Dave Devries is an artist who takes children's line drawings and turns them into full colour, professionally shaded, artworks with spectacular and amusing results. There is a gallery of his finished works at his site The Monster Engine. [Link via Matt at Scrubbles].
  • A fabbo gallery of Chinese postage stamps, curiously in French.
  • A cool collection of 1930's Deep Sea Diving cigarette cards. Although, I can't look at an old fashioned deep sea diving suit and not think of Adam from The Amazing Race whining and whimpering as he bobbed on the surface. TV rots your brain people.
  • Ever asked yourself why a prefectly respectable pretty young woman would collect photos of Electricity Pylons from around the world? No, me neither.

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