Friday, June 24, 2005

Karma Is My Friend

I had a really dull entry started yesterday; some waffle about being uninspired, being insanely busy at work and how the most interesting thing I did yesterday was buy some new pants on sale for $39.95 down from $140. I know, riveting.

Anyhoo, yesterday got a hell of a lot more interesting in the late afternoon. This past week or two I have been taking on a lot of extra work and helping pick up the slack with jobs that aren't getting done by other staff at my new work. So yesterday late afternoon my bosses called me into their office, gave me a glowing informal review, took me off probation (I still had another month of my three month probation to go), gave me a choice of three possible promotions and added $10k to my salary, starting next week.

Remember how I was wondering if I could afford to keep the house to myself since my flatmate has moved on? Well, it seems like that problem may be solved. I just need to decide if I want to pay that much rent, or if I use this extra income to party hard be fiscally responsible and pay off my debts.

I know that this entry is as Freakgirl would say "...the sort of self-congratulatory shit disguised as "writing" that I read on some other sites". I own that completely.


The Kid said...

Well, speaking as a girl who shares a room with her step-sister (younger, and messer than me though its hard to believe) i think that if you can afford it, keep the place to yourself

freakgirl said...

Awwww, I didn't mean it like that!

Congratulations! That's great news.

Rock the Mic said...

You da man, OA!

"Self-congratulatory shit so deep there wouldn't be a shovel big enough" is Reason #1 why I don't have my own blog. Andrew will undoubtedly second that emotion.

Bodhi said...


Despite the fact that I called you on the phone to offer my congrats shortly after we both found out out about said offer, let me reinstate it here for the blog record:

"You GO, girlfriend!"

Let that be duly noted.

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

Bodhi said...

There's a million stories in the big city, this just happens to be one of them ...

This morning on the 470 Lilyfield to City Bus, called the cutie express by The Kid and myself due to the fact there is always hotness on that route (no pun intended ... well ... maybe a little), sat just such a said 20's something cutie a few seats in front of me. He had that whole Financial Professional thing going on, and in a really good way. Smart pin-striped suit, powder blue shirt and tie, even right down to the Financial Review that he was reading.

But despite such perfection, he had large glob of something left behind one ear that was gleaming back at me the whole trip. I just knew that I had to do something about it.

As it turns out, he also disembarked the bus at Town Hall Station. Catching up with him I tapped him of the shoulder with a friendly "excuse me, mate".

As he turned around and looked at me, I hit him with "look, I don't want to come over all Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on you, but I could not help but notice something and had to tell you ... you have what appears to be shaving cream left behind your right ear".

He laughed, then offered an embarrased but very cute smile before reaching behind to remove offending cream. And with a "thanks for letting me know, dude", he turned and was off down the street. Confident that he now truly did look GOOD, and ready for whatever Corporate wheeling and dealing he had planned for the day.

And so GayMan saves another hapless commuter from a grooming mishap. And all done by 7am on a Monday too.


Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks all!

Freakgirl, just messin' with you. Although I do dislike the kind of 'gee, aren't I fabulous blogs?' that are out there, which I know is what you were getting at.

Bodhi, cute story but this is all about me 'mkay...

Of course I kid!

Bodhi said...

"...but this is all about me 'mkay ..."

But, I comment, therefore I am! [with apologies to Descartes]

Don't deny me my hopefully witty little comments here, my obsession with meme's and 100 Things, and my occasional lapse into little personal story asides.

Don't be a prick for my gay ego deflation ballon. It will go off with a very loud bang ... there will be rubber everywhere ... it will not be a pretty sight (please refrain from witty replies on at least those last 4 points).

Humour me, let me blather on every now and again. Don't banish me to silence. Horrible, nasty, silence.

Ohh the pain, the PAINNNNN [said with Dr Smith from Lost in Space overdramatic flourish and anguish]. I don't think I could take it.

So .... ummm ..... Andrew ..... sweetie .... you ever gunna have guest bloggers write a Post on this Blog of yours? ...

Bodhi ;-)
Sydney, Australia