Monday, June 20, 2005

A Mighty Fine Cinemascope Weekend

My old friend Kate used to have this cute little routine she would pull (and I of course appropriated as my own), which was that whenever we were out having a fun time she would pause and say "You know, we'll all look back at the end of the day and say we had a lovely time". It was based on something her mother or grandmother used to say, good proper Lutheran ladies all, and the comedy came from affecting the correct prim and proper delivery (especially if the good time we were having involved copious amounts of alcohol in a gay bar). Well this weekend I was able to look back at the end of the weekend and say I had a lovely time. The theme for the weekend? - the movies.

Friday night I went to dinner at a fab little Indian restaurant in Croydon called The Joy of Chennai* with my friends John & Judy. Afterwards we went back to their house to watch the DVD of one of my favourite nerdy films, SkyCaptain & The World Of Tomorrow. Love that film.

Saturday I surfed the net, did laundry, did assorted bits of housework and then headed over to Bodhi's house to hang out and watch DVDs in the new home cinema set-up with him and his daughter Ashley. We watched some films, some Backstreet Boys & Kylie videos (could we be any gayer?) and all crashed about 3am. Rabbit was coming over in the morning so we could all go to the movies, so I crashed the night in the spare room.

As planned, Rabbit came over on Sunday morning and the four of us headed into the city. First stop was a cafe serving coffee and chocolates - yup, I had chocolate for breakfast. Hello sugar rush! After the coffee (not bad) and the chocolates (ok but a bit ordinary and definately a bit over-priced IMHO) we wandered around the shops for a while and had lots of laughs, then headed to the cinemas to see Batman Begins. Loved it! After the movies we headed back to Bodhi's to hang out for a while, Rabbit disappeared to finish an assignment and study for his horticulture course exam, Ashley left for her mum's house and then Bodhi walked me home before he continued on to the Buddhist centre he attends (to run his Sunday evening recovery group). Sunday night consisted of me, my sofa, a pizza, this week's episode of Outback House and an early bedtime.

All in all a lovely weekend.

*I Googled them but found nothing to link to - shocking!

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