Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm Sparing You, Trust Me

Because I care about you, yes you, I have elected to refrain from jumping onto the left foot bandwagon. It seemed to start innocently enough, and spread like wildfire in all sorts of places.

As I mentioned in point #68 here I have flat and wide feet. That is perhaps sugar coating the true ugliness that is my feet. My feet give depth, breadth and nuance to the term ugly. Oh, and having broken a toe on my left foot earlier this year, then having lost the toenail on that same toe, and then having a new nail start to grow back (still a work in progress) and having said new toenail be sort of ridged and gnarly...

Anyone thrown up a little in their mouth yet?


The Kid said...

I can sort of relate to the whole toe thing. I had an infected ingrown toe nail for about a year and a half, needed about 28 perscriptions of keflex (I'm positive that I've built up a resistance to it) and TWO double wedge resections to fix the problem. All in all, my toe is probably worh atleast $20,000. It used to gross people out because after the operations I had to change the dressings myself at school.

The Other Andrew said...

You should get that toe bronzed, it's worth a mint!