Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Happy Birthday You Old Queen

Ack, hellishly busy day today (end of financial year looms) so a very brief re-cap of the Queen's Birthday* long weekend shenanigans:
  • Saturday I spent the entire day at the Buddhist centre (where I'm the bookshop manager) researching new book titles for the bookshop, restocking the shelves and pricing a big bag of jewellery from Nepal for sale. I had to take a huge bag of assorted jewellery, where a cost price and a retail price has been given for the entire bag, then spend the next few hours trying work out a price for each item individually to equal the price set for the bag. All I can say is, there was an Excel spreadsheet involved and very nearly some tears.
  • Sunday I finally got around to doing stuff like pulling weeds and trimming the out of control ficus trees in my courtyard. I filled my 'green waste' recycling bin and then some. Oh, and did I mention the trees are infested with spiders, which I did not want to kill in the process but neither did I want them running up my arms or inside my shirt. .::shudder::.
  • Monday I went to lunch at Mikey's lovely apartment, which is in the Philippe Starck designed 'Yoo Meta' warehouse conversion here in Sydney. There was good food (rocket aka 'arugula' salad with goat's cheese, figs and walnuts followed by fettucine puttanesca), lots of top shelf quality wine had by eveyone else, several babies for the cuddling of and some new people I hadn't met before. Lunch went for 7 hours and was fabulous.

All in all a good and demi-productive weekend.

* Yes, Australia has a national holiday for the Queen's Birthday, because we are good and loyal Commonwealth subjects. Actually most of us don't give a rat's arse about the Queen (count me in, Viva la Republic!), but public holidays are not to be scoffed at.

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