Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Unfortunate Name

Unfortunate Name

This is probably much funnier if you're Australian, but just picture oh, say, calling a street White Trash Crescent and you'd be on the right track for the meaning this has for Aussies.

When I was growing up in South Australia I used to hear the term "bogan" a lot. (No, not directed at me.) So maybe it's a regional/generational thing, but it still made me laugh the day I spotted this street sign.

[More info about the great Aussie bogan can be found at]


Tyson said...

A friend of mine runs House of Bogan at "Get your bogan on" was my idea, so I got a free tee! I love it!

PS: This is only partially an ad. Back you, Kerry-Anne.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Westie is pretty self-explanatory here in Sydney and still the term I tend to use... but I'd love to know where Bogan comes from.

yani said...

Yeah I think bogan is, if not a completely South Aussie term, then not far from it.

I did a quick google on Bogan, and there's also a Bogan City Council over there in Sydney... maybe somebody needs to let NSW in on the joke?

Jodie Sorrell said...

The word Bogan originated in South Australia and is the name of a cheap gate. When fencing large areas farmers often left a loose section that could be open and closed. These where called bogan gates.

In recent times (1970 onward) the name of these gates was adopted to describe someone poor after the advent of prefabricated cheap gates.

I hope this helps WaS :-)

Ur-spo said...

it is a new term for me!

Edna Wilt said...

Oooh, trust you, Miss Sorrell, to actually reserach this matter! You bogany nerd! ;-)

For the UK contingency who read this blog, Bogan Street is the equivalent to 'Chav Avenue'. Muahahahahaha!