Friday, November 02, 2007

It Takes Balls

Men knitting for the war effort. The word WAR makes it butch.

Cary Grant learns to knit. A little special something for Randolph Scott, perhaps?
After all, gifts made with your hands, are gifts made with love.


bernard said...

I'm tempted to draw an excruciatingly long bow and henceforth see knitting as a longing for spears and macho war mongering.

But then again, perhaps it goes with the fabulous nelly things that amuse us and which you are oft able to excel and outshine us at.

Maybe it represents the inner conservative in you; it is a fantastic counterpoint (is that harder than petit point?) to our "days of yore"

Those golden olden days in the very early 90's when you would do urban retail outreach at Miranda Fair and such like and see what faaabulous outfits could be had on faaaabulous specialty plastic - was it a Sportsgirl card, or something even more fantastic like Suusan?

The less frivolous, and richer spirited Andrew prefers to produce than to consume; and at the same time can keep us amazed with his creativity.

as christmas
as a jamboree
as TheOtherAndrew


Wesley Darling said...

How fabulous. "It's not gay, Cary Grant totally knitted."

...For Randolph Scott.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oh that Cary, always hamming it up!

mrpeenee said...

I've been out all week, so this is my first chance to congratulate you on your new job. Yay.

Enjoy your quiet weekend and good luck finishing up the dildo cover. Oh, wait, was that supposed to be a secret?

jason said...

Balls of yarn

yani said...

See that photo of Cary trying to knit... that's about what I end up looking like the couple of times I've attempted it... I just CAN'T get it! And is it just me or does it look like the men from General Electric are knitting some cute little rifle covers?