Monday, November 12, 2007


I've tried to write a weekend recap a couple of times this morning, but each time it has come off as sort of self-congratulatory and smug in all of its detail about just how fantastic it all was. Think the diametric opposite, the perfect antidote, the antimatter to the matter of Friday's Killer Week post. Even though it was such a busy weekend, where the busyness of the week had sapped my energy, instead the busyness of the weekend was enervating and recharging.

It kicked off with a very enjoyable evening on Friday helping James celebrate his birthday over drinks at a local pub, with a really interesting and fun group of his friends, our mutual friends and some of his workmates.

Then Saturday started off with some serious idling, before sashaying through a lovely breakfast and wander through Newtown with Peter, then a fun afternoon of knitting at Barmuda Cafe (where I finished and handed over the secret project), before finally kicking up its heels at The Opera House with James to see Kiki & Herb in cabaret.

Sunday I met Peter for a lovely lunch, before heading into the massed throng and craziness of The Newtown Festival (verdict: too many people), before having an afternoon beer at The Bank Hotel, then dinner at my favourite Lebanese restaurant Fifi's, and then walking up a few doors to The Enmore Theatre to see Paul Capsis in concert.

Ay dios mio. I'm sorry, just writing all that was so exhausting I had to have a lie down.

Anyhoo. It was a weekend of riches. The biggest gift of all being spending time in the company of Peter, who is wonderful company and just such a pleasure to be with.

Another highlight was Kiki & Herb, although I have to say that the behaviour of some of the audience was terrible. The theatre allowed people to bring bottles of wine into the theatre, regardless of whether they were seated at the few cafe style tables down front or in the regular seats like the rest of us. Consequently one audience member near James and I was drunk, over exuberant and heckling by interval (shortly after which he was asked to leave) and a table of women down the front were being so annoying and talking through the show that Kiki savaged them during one of the encores. It was a small blight on a wonderful show though.

Just being at The Opera House always gives me a thrill, and watching the sun set while a huge cruiseliner slowly made its way out of the harbour, and the surprise of fireworks over the water as we stood outside during intermission, just added to the thrill. There are few better places on a warm summery night than to stand on the terraces of the Opera House, with the bridge arching high ahead, and the lights of Luna Park to one side and the city skyline to the other side. Magical.

Paul Capsis was also stunning on Sunday night. Such a showman! Three encores and a standing ovation showed the audience's appreciation, and several times Paul commented on how much he loves being home in Sydney and how we must have all caught the Newtown 'Festival vibe' because we were such an enthusiastic audience.

Best of all though, the weekend was about people. About time spent socialising, about connecting, laughing, giving, receiving and just enjoying being with others.


M-H said...

Nice to know we played a part in your exhausting weekend, dah-ling! :)

thombeau said...

How absolutely wonderful in every way! Makes me happy just reading about it! XOXOXO

mrpeenee said...

I'm so happy for you, sweetie, I hope you enjoy your Peter.

hee hee

Cecilia said...

That sounds like the perfect weekend!

IRV said...

Andrew, You really didn't say too much about Kiki & Herb's performance. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I thought you would. Sorry for the assholes in the audience, but that's the state of things these days. They just opened a cinema in my city w/ a full bar-WTF??? I mean that's just looking for trouble. If you can't even sit thru the length of a film w/out a drink, I feel somethings wrong---THANK G-D for DVDs.

Michael Guy said...

Wonderful weekend recap, Andrew! Sometimes just getting out and about with the peoples does a world of good!

And I'm happy about the special someone, too!

Quatrefoil said...

It was lovely to see you and so nice to see you so happy.

BTW, could you send me an email to [firstname].[lastname]@[workplaceabbreviation] Or to clevercuscusatyahoodotcomdotau? I don't have your current email address.

Ur-spo said...

that sounds all marvelous
i want to see this opera house before i die.

Anonymous said...

I was using Google and came across your page...the word enervating doesn't mean to "to energize." It actually means "to weaken."