Friday, November 23, 2007


I decided at very short notice to take a day's leave yesterday. Work owed me a 'day off in lieu', so I took that day off yesterday. Of course Thursday is a weird day to take off, Friday or Monday makes more sense frankly, but earlier in the week I was caught up in a Spring Cleaning frenzy of epic proportions and I kind of wanted to keep going with it.

Yes, that means I took a day off work to do housework. Please call a doctor someone.

Oh, and yes I've had some anger and frustrations this week to subvert. How perceptive of you! Don't get mad, get cleaning.

The timing was also due in part to the fact that I had a valuer coming to value the house last night. It seems like the divorce settlement between the owners of the house is hotting up, and they need to assess all the assets. While I personally can see cobwebs as a gothic inspired design feature, I decided to maybe go for a more pedestrian aesthetic for the poor valuer. More House & Garden than House of Horrors.

So I finished attacking the house, and even the garden got a mini make-over, filling all my bins with garbage (the regular bin, the recycling one AND the green waste bin) in the process. OK, that makes me sound like a mad person who was living amongst huge drifts of detritus, but you know how this stuff easily adds up. I even climbed the f*cking pull-down stairs to the attic storage about 12 muthaf*cking goddam times.

Ever seen a person with sciatica climb a ladder? It's hilarious! Each step a curse more colourful than the last. I was inventing words by the time I'd finished.

In the evening I met up with Mikey (the lovely ex) for a dinner, to chat and catch up as we haven't seen that much of each other lately. I was so tired that once I got through my first glass of wine I nearly face-planted into my Tahini Fish. Good times.


thombeau said...

Well good for you, honey. This was way overdue and I was waiting for someone to say something!

Seriously, aren't you glad you did it? And now you'll have a groovier pad to show The Man!

(Plus, even hard labor at home is better than actually being at work!)

The Other Andrew said...

It's looking pretty good now. I have some bags of stuff to take to Goodwill and then I'm almost done. Sometime in the New Year I plan on buying some new furniture and repainting the bedrooms, and maybe the hallway. It needs a bit of a freshen up.

Ur-spo said...

please come and tidy up here as well, please.

The Other Andrew said...

Ur-spo, honestly it would almost be worth it for the entertainment value it would provide you! The costant tirade of sh*t!-f*ck!-c*cksucker!... etc