Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sitting & Knitting

Any spare time I have had in the evenings this past week I've been knitting. Like a man possessed and obssessed. I'm 95% finished on the secret gift project, all I have to do is sew up a couple of seams and it's done. Doneski. Com-pleted. Maybe it's the feeling of finishing something that's the lure.

The problem with starting a few things at once is that you can feel like you knit and knit and frigging knit forever, and the finish line gets no closer. Now I'm a bit of a process knitter it's true, I actually enjoy the journey as much as the destination, but even still it's encouraging to see that the end is nigh. The sprint to the finish.


Cecilia said...

Can't wait to see Secret Gift Project!
Do you have a next project planned?

thombeau said...

Congrats on the Secret Gift Project!

I shall be expecting it presently.

The Other Andrew said...

Cecilia, I had hoped to make some Christmas gifts but I think I'll have too little time. So next new project will probably by a scarf from Scarf Style for myself. I can't remember the name of it, it's done in green in the book and has cables and bobbles on it. I'm going to do it in the deep purple Jo Sharp yarn I have stashed.

Thombeau, somehow I just know I should have checked your size first. I hope it fits!

thombeau said...

Oh, you know I'm larger than life. So, keep knitting!