Thursday, June 07, 2007


I'm furious. Boilingly, white knuckled, steam creating furious. This doesn't happen very often, and I'm not a big fan of it I have to say, but stand back if it does happen. This is going to be a rant...

I've been butting heads a bit with one of the women that I have been training to take over my role here at work. I started showing her the billing process we use, and she has sort of fought me on it every step of the way. Wanting to make changes to the process before she even understands it. I set her the task of updating one of the spreadsheets we use to compile the data and explained the process to her several times. She tore through it, and then when I went in to check her work I found heaps of errors. About half the entries had mistakes. She seems to want to show how competant she is by changing things and working through everything as fast as she can, but the real need here is accuracy.

Anyway, that was frustrating enough. But then I found out that she has gone to my boss and complained that I'm not teaching her anything. (Oh really? Betch.) I explained that this wasn't the case (and filled my boss in on the accuracy issue), and my boss understood immediately. You see, she basically pulled the same stunt on him. She and my boss were talking to our divisional manager, and she said to this senior level manager that she was settling in just fine but that we weren't teaching her anything. Making myself and my boss both look bad.

So she and I now have a problem. I'm trying to get my own work up to date, and write an instruction manual, and answer a 101 daily questions from both of them about everything from how to print an envelope to how to write an email (I kid you not). I'm basically busting a gut and feel like she has backstabbed me big time.

So, next week I will continue to do the correct thing and sit with her. I will show her again the tasks that need to be done, and point out to her that she can change things only once she understands the process and has checked that it stays within the audit guidelines. I will stress accuracy over speed. And if she makes any mistakes I will happily show her just exactly where she has made an error.

If she wants to bring it, I'm up for the challenge.


thombeau said...

OK...Take a deep breath, slowly release it, and remember that this, too, shall pass.

This woman obviously has issues, but she is presently in your life to show you some of your own. She is an agent of karma, bringing out facets of yourself that would otherwise lay dormant. And this is happening now because you are ready to deal with these things.

Every crisis is an opportunity for growth; inside, you've been growing, and now it is time for that process to manifest in your awareness and life experience. Such periods aren't always fun, but they are necessary.

What, were you expecting me to bash the bitch and buy you a beer?


The Other Andrew said...



No bashing required, but I'll take that beer.

Cecilia said...

How frustrating and energy-sapping to have to deal with stuff like this at work.
I second Thombeau's comment to breath deeply and to remember that you are leaving this job in a few weeks. I might throw in some knitting there too to sooth the nerves!
On another note (which I should probably write on the other post but I'm being lazy), I went to check the time for _History Boys_ and it isn't showing at my local cinema any more! I was even willing to go to the only time it was showing. Seriously--who sees movies at 10:30AM!!?? I guess I'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

Jodie Sorrell said...

There are a few things you could think about while breathing slowly;

1. You’re leaving and she won’t be your problem for much longer
2. Isn’t she still on probation?
3. You’re prettier than she is and have better shoes.

The Other Andrew said...

Yes! YES! I knew you would get to the heart of the matter Jodie. :)

nash said...

Must be something in the air - I've been in a ratty mood too (effing stupid housemates) and I was originally going to tell you to slap the bitch n give her one for me too... Thank goodness for Thombeau's soothing comment (and beer)

The Other Andrew said...

Definately something in the air I think Nash.

Cecilia, I think there were more sessions of The History Boys showing at George St in the city, but it is definately near the end of its run.

Ur-spo said...

how dreadful
I also feel sorry for you group who will get this tornado once you depart.

IRV said...

Just shoot the bitch! LOL!! I feel for you 'cause I've been there.

Kenyo said...
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Kenyo said...

Just focus on getting away from that place. Soon. And be glad.

But...if she can't and/or won't do the job correctly why is she continuing with it? And since when does a new hire still in training get to speak with the boss and the boss's boss?

I worked for an arts university and we thought WE had the inmates running the place. Seems the Large Christian Charity does much the same. At least we had a clothing optional swimming pool for lunchtime exercise. Oh, yes!!!

Michael said...

Apologies in advance if this is offensive in some way, but I find your hobbity wrath completely adorable.

Michael Guy said...

Anger is an expression of emotion, Andrew. It's best not to let this issue fester; I suggest this win-win solution:

Tell the fat slag that you have a pistol and a burlap sack and doubt very much she'll be missed. Yep.

The Other Andrew said...

Michael, swing by Oz sometime and I'll see if I can get a little heated just for you!

MG, actually not a 'fat slag'. A tiny Chinese lady. Unless she has wicked Kung Fu moves, I could probably take her.

Mindy said...

Just remember the auditors. Soon they will be her problem. Soon, they will be showing her exactly where she got it wrong and asking her to do it all again. Your boss will remember you fondly and know it's not your fault.