Thursday, June 28, 2007

File This Under "Keeping The Wolves From The Door"

My job here at the Big Christian Charity finishes tomorrow, and given the recent arrival of my nemesis I'm ready to move on. (My nemesis and I had a massive fight yesterday! I didn't tell you because I would have spilled stinking black bile all over The Internetz. Today, I've moved on.)

The person I normally deal with at my agency is on leave at the moment, so getting someone else to take an interest in my case has been frustrating. I did some lobbying and networking of my own today and I've scored a short term stint back at the first department I worked at here at the Big Christian Charity. It's a compromise, but at least it means gainful employment for a little while and a safety net to find something permanent.

Plus it's back with a bunch of people I used to enjoy working with... and no nemesis.


Jodie Sorrell said...

I'm amazed she's still there. Keep, keeping teh wolves from teh door TOA and enjoy your ole buddies.

Cecilia said...

Working with people you like is so important. Sounds like a great short-term solution.

thombeau said...

Best wishes on your exciting future, whatever it may hold. The world is your oyster!

Or something like that.

Kenyo said...

If the world is your oyster you better wait for a month with a "R" in it. But seriously folks...have fun at the new/old position and work hard at getting out of that place.