Friday, June 22, 2007

Pirates, Log Cabins and Small Men In Big Coats (or The Post In Search Of A Theme)

Sweet, sweet Jeebus it was freezing cold this morning!

I got to bed late last night (hey thanks The Amazing Race: All Stars! and adios princecitas Oswald and Danny) and when I woke up this morning it was cold and dark and I really, really did not want to get out of bed. But I did. Lurching around my room like a zombie in search of robe and slippers (if zombies shiver and cough like they are hacking up an undead lung that is). Fast forward to a freezing cold bathroom and a hot, hot shower which gave rise to a thought process around the concept of staying under that stream of warm deliciousness forever.

An hour and a half, two train rides and some steely resolve later and I'm trudging the 20 minute trudge from the train station to the office in my big English cashmere & wool coat, scarf and somewhat pinched face. I'd like to think I looked Wintery and stylish and so very European, but suspect the effect is more cranky Teletubby than Milan catwalk.

So many pretty word pictures, right? Anyhoo, that's been my morning so far but let's press on.

In a bid to try and rid myself of this kennel cough I stayed in last night and consequently subjected myself to some bad television. Specifically, Pirate Master which is the sort of show where people labelled Scientist/Exotic Dancer wear bad pirate drag like they are drummer #2 in an Adam & The Ants cover band, and stomp around a really shoddy piece of art direction talking about how they 'intimidate' others. Right. If being a wanker is intimidating, sure. I suspect what they really mean is "I have a history of problems with people, but I'm not prepared to consider that the fault lies with me.", you know? They cannot be blamed for their fabulousness being a problem for others, obviously.

So. Pirates. Or Survivor: Eye-patch Edition as I came to think of it.

The one thing I did do last night that I'm proud of, and that did not make me want to throw anything at the television, was try some log cabin knitting. Love it! I started knitting some squares for the charity Wrap With Love in preparation for the Knit-In next month. 25cm squares of garter stitch (just basic knit stitch repeated endlessly) are kind of boring to knit, so I thought it'd be a nice little object to give log cabin a try. Fun! I might take a stab at knitting a throw rug for myself at some point using this technique.

My night ended with The Amazing Race: All Stars! to the clack of the needles before I tottered off to bed. And now gentle reader we have basically come full circle in one of the rambliest posts in a good long time.


Mikey (TLE) said...

I'm going to go out on a limb, here. I "channel-flicked" through Survivor: Eye Patch Edition as well last night. Ahh, Cameron Daddo, such depths you have sunk to... Nowhere near as dynamic (or as cute) as the old Survivor host (who's name escapes me for the moment). Anyway, that limb I was tlaking about is this; I'm going to say that they guy who described himself as "scientist/exotic dancer" is the biggest dickhead ever to appear (to my knowledge) on a reality TV program. Though that guy from the Amazing Race (I think you described him as "Evil has a new face" some time ago) you know, the one always yelling at his wife, the "alpha peronality" (read wanker) type. Anyway, he comes a close second, but I really wanted to keel haul Mr Scientist/Exotic Dancer". Even with those abs, he still wasn't hot.

The Other Andrew said...

Probst! A Daddo is not a Probst, never has been and never will be.

Not only was Scientist/Exotic Dancer officially NOT HOT (despite a slamming bod) he had long Stripper Hair. Ugh.

The Other Andrew said...

I guess I just found him INTIMIDATING.

Mikey (TLE) said...

If by "INTIMIDATING" you mean shoveable, as in under a bus, then I agree.

Yes, Mark Probst, that's him. How could I forget a name like "Probst". Ahh, he was such a cutie. Especially in earlier seasons.

The Other Andrew said...

Jeff Probst. Close, but no cigar.

Cecilia said...

Log cabin knitting is so much fun. I got completely obsessed with it a few years ago when I should have been finishing my dissertation.

The Other Andrew said...

You're right Cecilia. I thought All that picking up of stitches would make me want to claw at myself in frustration, but it didn't. (Maybe it would on a big piece? You know, picking up hundreds of stitches could get old fast.) I love the look of it so far.

Cecilia said...

I made two (I thin) blankets and they were so addictive. I gave them away as house-warming and engagement presents. Now you have me inspired! I'm looking at the mound of marking I have to do and all I can think of is knitting more squares!

Here is a picture of one I finished if you're interested:

The Other Andrew said...


Blogger cut off the end of the url you listed (at least on my monitor it does), so I made links for your two blankets as follows:
Blankie 1
Blankie 2