Thursday, June 07, 2007

Grab Your Needles! And Your Balls! Of Yarn!

Saturday June 9th is Worldwide Knit In Public Day!

No, I don't know why either! But it'll be fun anyway!

[Actually it's designed to popularise the craft and considering that it is generally a somewhat solitary pursuit, to give knitters a chance to connect, network, compare balls (of yarn, dirty) and generally have fun.]

Kris is hosting the Sydney city event, and one of her workmates Devvy Leys has made these cool graphics to advertise the details. Neat huh?

Click this one to see it full size for more details:

If you're in Sydney and knit, or would like to learn how to, come along and make with the clicky click with the rest of us purling dervishes. If you're in climes more exotic than Sydney then click here to see if there is a group planned near you.


Jodie Sorrell said...

I'm not going to be in town on Saturday or I could have finally given you the alpaca yarn! ;(

Maybe we could find a movie to see. I saw Kinky Boots the other day again and it made me think of you.

Do you miss, MissE as much as I do?

Destructomeg said...

ermmmm so if I always knit in public (I'm the crazy lady on the train) does that give me the day off?!!!!!

Very cool though YAY :)

The Other Andrew said...

Jodie, let's make a date sometime soon! You could always pop by pub knitting on a Sunday afternoon sometime! (It's a nice group and lots of fun.)

Meg, sure I can't convince you to come along and join us?

Mousicles said...

Bugger. I missed it. It's the perfect excuse to start a new project... anything. I need to get a hobby back.