Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cruel And Unusual Punishment

I must have been a very, very bad man in a previous life. Not even the 'good' bad, but the nasty, mean, evil type of bad. Bad, bad, bad. I am paying for my past transgressions. Karma is a bitch y'all, take it from me.

I'm to spend most of today doing one-on-one training with one of the newbie staff. Yup, you guessed it. Her.

It's entirely possible that by day's end only one of us will leave here alive.


Michael said...

Sneeze on her. Always helps.

The Other Andrew said...

Ha! That's nasty. Fun idea, but nasty! :)

thombeau said...

Ooooh, here's your chance to step up to the plate (as they say in the US; it's a baseball metaphor) and hit one out of the park (to continue the analogy). In other words, you can deal with this situation in ways you always have, or try something new that might serve you better. It's an opportunity to be aware and present and not act out of habitual patterns that were probably formed unconsciously. Am I pretentious, or what???

Either way, make the best of it. And stop dreading this event; that will just make things worse. Don't give this unfortunate woman any power over you! YOU'RE TOO GOOD FOR THAT!

Thus endeth today's sermon.

The Other Andrew said...

Thom, actually it's all good. I've kind over emphasised this for dramatic effect. Me, exaggerate!?! (Sadly, it's true.)

We're getting along a bit better and I would never be anything other than polite with her. :)

thombeau said...

Oh, you know, I'm always giving advice and never taking any! At any rate, I mean well...

(Actually I was about to delete the previous missive, but alas, too late!)