Friday, June 01, 2007

Everybody's Working For The Weekend

This week can kiss my sorry ass. As I mentioned already, I've been training my replacements here at work and it has made for a long, busy and yet rather startlingly unproductive week. Looking back over this blog this week it feels to me a little uninspired, a bit rushed and, well, serviceable but far from thrilling. It's had it's moments, but on balance I judge it and find it wanting.

(I'm not shilling for compliments, because your mileage may vary and you may be worshipping the ground I blog upon as we speak, but it feel to me like it's been a bit lacking in spark.)

Anyhoo. Sticking with a theme, this weekend is going to be a busy one, only a lot more funner than the week that preceded it.

My To Do List.
  • Make cupcakes.

  • Attend cocktail party.
  • Attend farewell party for dear friend moving to Melbourne (take along said cupcakes, and a jumbo box of tissues).
  • Underwear buying spree.
  • Booty call! (Finally, thank the heavens.)
  • Sunday afternoon pub knitting, with beer.

I may well be kicking it off with some recreational beverages tonight, if I can reach my buddies James and Graeme.

Have a great weekend eveyone!


Lara said...

Hope to catch you at the pub on sunday - finally!

Michael said...

Cupcakes, cocktails and knitting? You're like Freakdrew now.

Sounds fab! Have some booty for me!

Christopher said...

I'm looking forward to hearing details regarding the undies shopping & the booty having! will share won't you?

Michael Guy said...

Buying undies for aforementioned 'booty call.' That is sooo telling, Andrew. I need details.

Oh. Wait. I just bought six pair myself.

This year's Independance Day will take on a significant personal meaning well-beyond July 4th. I've got an old bottle rocket with a short fuse just waiting to launch.

Ur-spo said...

that sounds a delightful weekend.

Lara said...

These look good...