Friday, June 08, 2007


"...and now you may kiss the bride!"

Gown: Gaultier. Embarrassment: model's own.

Picture ripped from the consistently fabulous
Thom of
Fabulon: Life On A Fabulous Planet


Cecilia said...

This does solve the whole: does white make me look fat problem!
Where do you find stuff like this??

Michael Guy said...

Maybe I'm a hilljack dolt but I don't get the designer's aesthetic vision.

What, pray tell, is Gaultier saying here? Beyond that notion how does one tuck that into the bathroom stall after a few reception champs, sweetie darling.

The Other Andrew said...

Cecilia, it's courtesy of Thombeau. ...and I often as myself "where does he get THAT from?"

MG, I'm not sure either. In Australia (maybe not exclusively, but it's somewhat common) we have a slang expression for being drunk/stoned "I was off my face." Adds a new layer of nuance, non?

thombeau said...

That model is definitely doing the walk of shame. Poor thing. She looks like a refugee from a psych-ward production of The Lion King.

The Other Andrew said...