Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Wednesday Night Irregulars

I feel a wee bit improved today, still hacking and all but not as badly and my chest doesn't feel as tight. Oh, and it's not raining! Not! Raining! (Sure, rain is forecast for later, but let's not be a buzzkill m'kay?)

Maybe it's the therapeutic powers of beer and conversation. After hardly going out at all for the past couple of weeks, I decided to catch up with the regular Wednesday pub crowd. The irregular regulars, if you will. Fun! Beers and laughs were had, and conversation ranged far and wide. As far as the comparitive bulges (or 'bluges' thanks to a famous typo by James) of all the current crop of Big Brother boys, for example. Highbrow!

As it was I was home and tucked in bed before 10.30, and only had a couple of beers, so I'm sure the evening could be labelled therapeutic.

Good for the soul, at least.

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