Monday, June 04, 2007

Nat's 60s Cocktail Soiree

Some weekends are just so perfect and shiny, so sparkly and perfectly formed, that you just want to hold them up to the light, caress them, or maybe even pop them in your mouth and let them roll around on your tongue for a while. Savouring.

This was such a weekend. I spent all Saturday morning baking cupcakes (pictures to follow) for a party later on in the evening, but prior to that party I had an invite for a late afternoon 1960s style cocktail soiree at the lovely Nat's house. Nat had taken possession of a re-upholstered genuine 1960s lounge suite, and had decided that its arrival should be celebrated in style!

So we did!

Nancy Sinatra Style

Touch Up

Full Of Beans

Virgin Mary

The full photo set is here.


thombeau said...

Pretty faboo!

The Other Andrew said...

I know! My life, she is GLAMOROUS.