Thursday, June 21, 2007


Thanks for the sweet messages and well wishes everyone! I'm still not well, but definately on the improve. Sadly it appears that I have passed the baton to my poor flatmate who is now suffering badly. Oops.

I share because I care, you know?


Bodhi said...

Tis true, and is nothing short of attempted murder. Yes, he is present in the room at the moment Your Honour ... J'accuse!

**points finger accordingly*

In the famous words of Dr Zachary Smith from Lost in Space, all I can say is;

"Ohh the pain .... the paaaaaaaaain!! ...

**dramatic flourish**

I need my pillows fluffed. I need an extra blanket on my bed. I need some tea. I need some honey and lemon in that. I need a nice hot shower. I need a lingering bath. I need candles with that. I need my teddybear. I need a cuddle. I need sympathy too. I need drugs. I need a medical professional. I need a hot male nurse to administer to my every need ...

The Other Andrew said...

You need to eat properly and get plenty of sleep, and to look after yourself!