Monday, June 04, 2007

Hello Kitty Cupcakes!

All of a sudden I feel like the gayest gay that ever gayed!

I made 24 "Hello Kitty" cupcakes to take along to the Saturday night farewell party for my friends Spyder & Gordy, who depart for Melbourne in a few week's time. I used the same recipe as last time, but took it up a few notches with pink, yellow and green pastel icing, star sprinkles, and the piece de resistance - soft sparkly "Hello Kitty" sweeties.

Hello Kitty Cupcakes!

These "Hello Kitty" sweeties were a real find. Remember the bizzaro Death Adder sweeties from last year? Yup, same same! These ones I bought from a different store, the cake decorating place Iced Affair in Camperdown. Like the death adders last year, they just came in a plain bag labelled product of Vietnam. Curious, non?

Hello Kitty Cupcakes!

These went down a treat. The platter didn't even make it to the table before it was two thirds empty! Ever seen seagulls descend on some discarded chips? Trust me. Not. Dissimilar.

[Click the pics to see them larger.]


Kenyo said...

Does this cupcake make me look gay?

But seriously, please please what's your icing recipe?

Michael Guy said...

Hi. My name is Michael Guy and I have 'cupcake envy.'

You had me at 'hello kitty.'

These cupcakes are so gay they can be seen from the planet Gay-topolis without using a gaytron. Which is fag-speak for a special imaging device used to measure radiant gay-O-topes.

LURVE your icing skills and attention to details! Someday I want to shove one of your cupcakes in my mouth.

freakgirl said...

need. want. thx.

Christopher said...

I'm lusting those gay cupcakes, big time...ooops, I just drooled a little!

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks everyone! I sort of out-gayed myself on this one really. I am now completely and thoroughly emasculated. :)

Kenyo, I'll have to check the recipe for the exact quantities but it was a simple butter/icing sugar/vanilla/milk frosting. I'll check it out tonight when I'm home and post it as a comment tomorrow.