Monday, December 04, 2006

A Post So Much About Nothing It Almost Reads Like A Seinfeld Script

The natural bookend for a post about not having many plans for the weekend, is a post about not having done much over the weekend. They go together like like a pizza binge and shame, like Jake Gyllenhaal and a hormone surge, like Salt 'n' Pepa, like like... and whatever.

I planned on not doing a lot this weekend and I achieved it. See, see how task orientated and disciplined I am? I set goals and I go for them. I might consider a career change to Life Coaching, I'm so good at not do anything. I could not do anything for hours, and still find time to not do things.

So. I did go to drinks, dinner and a movie on Saturday night with Mikey (the lovely ex), Steve and his girlfriend Bec. Shortbus again. I enjoyed the evening, although the combination of a wet Saturday night around three weeks before Christmas meant that getting a taxi at the start of the night was hellish. I loved the film just as much as the first time, and probably picked up more from it the second time around. I certainly caught a couple of lines that I plan I using ad nauseam. "I used to want to change the world, now all I want to do is the leave the room with a little dignity." Har.

Mikey's first question of the evening to me was "So, have you cleaned your room yet?" (Ack. You know you're in trouble when friends bust your chops about promises you make to yourself on your blog.) In keeping with this weekend's goal orientated theme, I set to yesterday afternoon with vacuum cleaner and Scotchbrite 'Miracle' cloth. I didn't exactly produce a miracle (false advertising?) but I did pretty much part the Red Sea Of Detritus. I'd say I got the job about 60% done, which given my other goal of sloth I figure wasn't too bad an effort. I'll tackle the remainder during this week.

If Santa brings me a man for Christmas, at least my room will be ready.


Michael Guy said...

Saint Nick bringing you a man for Christmas?! What does one put out for Santa? Milk and cookies seem somewhat pedestrian in preparing for one's very own giftwrapped porn star.

RE: Cleaning your room. What's the expression? "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." I'll be sure and keep a seat warm for you.

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

My comment on the room cleaning was said in a spirit of support... No really.

To TOA blog readers who have not seen "Shortbus" I strongly suggest you remedy your appalling behaviour and go see it.

The Other Andrew said...

MG, that was a very big IF really. I mean, let's not pin one's hopes on a fictional character, shall we? :)

Michael said...


Michael Guy said...

I get that. Yep. No illusions here.

Michael said...

I'd like Santa to bring me a man for Christmas as well, and if said man can write prescriptions for mood stabilizers, so much the better.

The Other Andrew said...

Marry a doctor. Just like our mothers always wished for.

Ken said...

Let's hear it for the bone-idle lazy weekend, Andrew. Look -- you went out for the evening. That certainly sounds like doing something to me.

When I retired, a friend who retired a year or so before me said I should remember to take a day off now and then.

In retirement one tends to attempt a number of chores every day. Day after day. You never get much done but you always feel you should have.

You can end up doing this for weeks at a time if you aren't careful. I have become very goal oriented about not doing much of anything at all. That's my goal and I am doing very well with it!