Thursday, December 21, 2006

Snowed Under

Work is kickin' my ever expanding ass today, I've got a couple of hundred clients to invoice before we close the shutters for Christmas break and the phone hasn't stopped ringing. Hateful. Oh, and we're out of coffee and I'm making do with instant. You know, I can actually feel myself losing a little bit of self respect with every sip.

So this is likely it for today, my lambs. I know, one crappy Christmas Tree pic and this waffle! You all deserve more, you know it.

The good news is I finally got the gifts I'm buying for my immediate family posted yesterday afternoon. Along with the shame storm for dilly dallying I got to pay a premium postage rate to make sure they got there in time. Fun! Christmas makes me feel so judged. I'm also off to the theatre tonight to see a fab play about The Gays, which I'll endeavour to review tomorrow, assuming the friggin' phone shuts up for 5 minutes.

Things could be worse I guess, I could be getting sued for US$7.6 million. Although, somehow I think being described as a pudgy poseur would hurt more.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I just had a look at those articles. the second one - doesn't the reporter know how to spell 'penis'? I thought grown-ups were allowed use anatomically correct terminology.

and at his blog. am I missing something, or is he really quite boring and obvious?

The Other Andrew said...

I don't find his blog all that funny, but he does put quite a bit of work into it. I haven't read it for a while, mostly because my work blocks it and I always forget to check it when I'm at home. He topped 2 million hits in a day once, and is supposedly making lots of money from it. He's very widely read.

tracey said...

I have deep dislike for Perez Hilton. You can't steal photographs, make $$$,$$$'s off them and expect to get away with it.