Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Cast Members of the Movie "The Family Stone", Ranked In Order Of Ummm.. Bangability

Michael suggested, so I'm powerless to resist.

1. Tyrone Giordano

2. Dermot Mulroney

3. Luke Wilson

4. Paul Schneider

5. Brian J White

6. Jamie Kaler

7. Craig T Nelson

8. Robert Dioguardi

Because I'm such a big homo I've restricted myself to the male members of the cast, but given the chance you know I'd at least make out a bit with Dianne Keaton, right? I mean, the gossip! That woman could spill a few stories, you know it.

Also, don't feel bad for Robert Dioguardi. He's only on screen for a few seconds, so it's not like I even had time to form an attachment. I agonised over where to place Craig T Nelson, because in terms of fun in the sack I'm sure he'd be a riot, but that Jamie Kaler is pretty cute though!

So, there you have it. Care to share your rankings?


Michael said...

The brothers Stone in 1,2 and 3. Hmmmm. OK, here goes.

1. Tyrone Giordano-- Good call. He is snackable.
2. Dermot Mulroney-- Just keeps getting better with age, imo.
3. Brian J White-- Here's where I split you. I feel certain he smells right. Plus, I'm just not a fan of the Wilson brothers. Just too unabashedly het?
4. Craig T Nelson-- String tie notwithstanding, he'd be a hoot in the sack.
5. Claire Danes-- Was it the lighting or does she fucking glow on her own? Luminous, gorgeous, and she bones (or boned) Billy Crudup and then I'd be 1 degree away.

Throw the rest in pile and I'll jump on.

So sweet for catering to my whim, mijo!

The Other Andrew said...

Yeah, I can see it. You know I would have ranked Brian J White higher but it was stiff competition. Also, his character in the film is a bit 'meh' don't you think? Nice, sweet, attractive, but not so memorable.

They obviously put a rinse through Dermot's hair for the film, because in the interviews on the DVD extras and in the pic I posted he's quite the Silver Fox, eh? Nummy.

I was quite charmed by Paul Schneider, plus when he's hanging the balls on the tree (decorations, not his) my first thought was mmmm, nice ass.

The Other Andrew said...

Oh, and re Luke Wilson. I can't help feeling that he'd be kinda fun to tussle with, you know? A bit wild, and lots of laughs. I see where you're going with the 'het' thing, but hey, don't they make the wildest catchers?

Jodie Sorrell said...

Based purely on your pictures as I have yet to see The Family Stone

1. Luke Wilson
2. Dermot Mulroney
3. Paul Schneider
4. Tyrone Giordano
5. Jamie Kaler
6. Robert Dioguardi
7. Brian J White
8. Craig T Nelson

Sorry, but being hetro, Luke makes the top of my list ;-) Thank for the eye candy, you can alway be counted on to highlight the day!

The Other Andrew said...

Jodie, good to get a woman's take on this extremely important topic! Also, get thee to a DVD store and see this film. It's good. A nice blend of humour and more gutsier themes.

Michael said...

I've seen it twice, once in the theater and once in bed, but I haven't seen the DVD extras. Silver fox Dermot AND a director with a Michael Guy vibe? Have to check that out.

freakgirl said...

I'd put Dermot Mulroney at number 1.

I loved this movie.

Michael said...


The Other Andrew said...

FG, I would have put Dermot at 1., except Ty Giordana was just so darned adorable. Take out the Ty Factor and it would be Dermy for sure.

Michael, watch the extras and then tell me if Tom Bezucha does or doesn't have a Michael Guy look about him.