Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Seasonal Stress

I promised myself I would do better this Christmas. Shop earlier. Put money aside for gifts, and for the week without pay that will comprise my 'holiday' over the period we are closed at work. Plan things better. Be more organised.

Well, promises are made to be broken it would seem. Even the ones we make to ourselves. Scratch that, especially the ones we make to ourselves. Although, in my defence (as Mikey would say) I've had some unexpected expenses these past few months that have screwed with my plans somewhat. It's patently not my fault you see. Sort of. :)

I've reigned things in heavily and pared it all right back this year, modified my plans. Limited who I'm buying gifts for, and staying in Sydney to save the cost of interstate airfares. Maybe it's because of this, but I'm seriously lacking in festive cheer this year.

Oh sure, as you can see from my last post, it's not all Bah Humbug. I had a great time at the Chrissie Pissie. The other 90% of Christmas is passing me by this year though. Shopping feels more like a chore than it has in the past. Normally I love buying gifts, wrapping them, giving them, the whole thing. This year I'm just not getting the usual pleasure from it. The deadline is looming to post off my gifts and I'm still not done.

So, I'm stressing. Christmas has become an exercise in deadlines, budgetary restrictions, and the possibility of causing disappointment by not giving many gifts this year. Gack. I know that I'm causing this stress on myself, but I'm just going to have to let it go. Do the best I can, try and not let it get to me, and try and see the bigger picture. Still, some of the joy has gone.

I guess it's kind of 90% Bah Humbug after all.

[Updated: OK, I've gotten over myself a bit since I wrote this and am now not feeling like such a big baby about Christmas. I stand by what I wrote though, because it is stressful this year and I am feeling a bit ho ho hum about the whole thing. And no, I didn't miraculously win the lottery or find a bulging wallet in the street during lunch, nor scored a Sugar Daddy, so the bit about financial stress is still accurate. Sadly. I was kind of pinning my hopes on the Sugar Daddy one.

Further Updated: Hmmmm, I'm not the only one feeling Grinchy this year!]


freakgirl said...


Sounds like somebody needs a hug!

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

What are you doing in Christmas Day?

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

err... "on"

The Other Andrew said...

Err, turned into quite the whine didn't it!?

Mikey, I'm going to Megs & Jamie's in the evening I think, and I have the option of an Orphans' Christmas picnic with Flickr friends. Not sure yet.

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

Don't be silly ;-)

Whining is good for the soul. In moderation of course.

Ur-spo said...

yes it is a stressful time.
poor little day gets heaped upon it a lot of expectations and doings.
In my line of work, the holidays should be banned - like asbestos.

Tyson said...

Forget the presents. I have a great dislike of this gift-stress that everyone puts themselves under.

For my 21st party I insisted *no presents*, and it was just great. For the first time I was out of the christmas presents this year on one side of the family, and it too felt great.

Gifts can be nice, when wanted and given because they want to summarise their friendship/relationship with a physical object, but when it's a chore, I can't stand it!

There... that's *my* whine. :)

dani said...

thanks andrew for your well wishes! i'm so excited about seeing S.A. and this whole new part of the country. try not to worry about how you're feeling...it is what it is...take care and see you netx year!!
xx dani

The Other Andrew said...

Big loves to you Dani!


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

ah chooken, big hug, I dig. we're having a lean one too this year. feels a little empty... fortunately we're in a big group of lovely people so while there'll be little moments of Feeling A Bit Thingy, you know it won't be all bad.