Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hey Mr Sandman, Bite Me

If I suddenly stop using punctation in this entry it's not because I'm lazy or don't know the seven correct uses of an apostrophe. It's solely because punctuation takes extra key strokes, which takes extra effort, which takes energy, which I frankly don't have because I woke up like fifteen frigging times last night. Not because someone was nuzzling my neck, or attending to my nethers in a loving fashion. Solely for the reason of, ooooh, no reason.

My morning 20 minute walk from the train station was almost conducted in a crouching position.

I'll come good. There's the morning vitamin B tablet to kick in yet and I have full and free access to the coffee maker. It's all good. I've got that edge that comes with tiredness, the one that has already loosened my tongue enough for me to ask The Office Pen Clicker if she could please, pleeeeeease stop clicking her pen (forgodsakeorimightjustgopostal).


Michael said...

A pen clicker! Heinous. Almost as bad as the throat clearer. I never need to be tired to bust on her, though. I'm all "Here, have a lozenge." I'm a prick in the workplace.

PS Coincidentally, Neil has the fabulous "Sandman" series of graphic novels.

The Other Andrew said...

So you work with a Meredith?

BTW - isn't that line of Sarah Jessica Parker's in "The Familiy Stone" just the best line ever? One that we have all been tempted to say to someone that we think is judging us unfairly:
"I am not a totally ridiculous person!"

Except, I am kinda.

The pen clicker has taken my advice/diatribe on board and moved to a non-clickable pen. She's about limiting her access to temptation I'm happy to say.

Ur-spo said...

no punctuation is like channeling Getrude Stein or James Joyce so you are up there with the pros or at least some of the crazy ones or something else I don't quite recall now

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

attending to my nethers in a loving fashion

lovely turn of phrase there, my dear ;-)

Michael said...

Love that Family! Maybe you should do a post where we get to list how we'd rate that cast in descending order of fuckitude?