Monday, December 11, 2006

Bowling For Santa

On Saturday afternoon we had the Christmas party for the Sydney Photobloggers group on Flickr. It was a really hot and humid afternoon, and about 30 of us gathered for a friendly lawn bowls tournament, lunch and drinks.

BullseyeThe Hat

We played about 6 games, gave out "secret Santa" gifts for all, had lots of laughs and then retired to the cool of the clubhouse for the rest of the afternoon.

The Crazed LookFiguromo

It was a really fantastic afternoon, with lots of laughs and friendly competition. Lawn bowls is deceptively hard, and most of us sucked badly, but that was all part of the enjoyment.

The PoutPirates & Professors

Whoever decided to market what was traditionally an old persons' pastime to young people definately came up with a winning concept. The clubhouse had a funky nightclub feel to it, and the place was packed with young people. We had an easy on the eye young American guy (think 'frat boy') who gave us the run-down on how to play, and made sure everyone kept their shoes and drinks off the green.

Other groups were obviously having Christmas parties as well, including the group who were all dressed up as things starting with "P", such as pirates and professors (above right). Good times y'all.

[Here are all of my photos from the afternoon, and here are everyone else's.]

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