Monday, December 11, 2006

Oliver's 1st Birthday

In a weekend jam packed with social events, probably one of the briefest was my flying visit to the 1st birthday party for Oliver, handsome son of my friends Daen & Adrienne. On account of it being the start of the Christmas Social Season and all, and me being the social butterfly that I am, I could only pop in en route to a pre-Christmas lunch that another friend of mine was throwing.

Birthday Boy

At least I was lucky enough to be there for the blowing out of the candle and the opening of the presents! And from my point of view, fortunately it was long enough to take some snaps of Oliver.

I discovered a little while back that children are amongst my favourite subjects to shoot. One of the benefits of the baby boom amongst my friends is that there are all these beautiful kids around to photograph. Sadly, people sometimes doubt that your motives are pure if you try and take pics of kids, so I only like to shoot the children of my friends. I like the fact that I'm helping in my own small way to document their lives as well.

Oliver's Birthday

I was also lucky to be there long enough to see Zoe, the new daughter of my friends Meaghan and James. Born Tuesday the 5th of December, and absolutely adorable and just perfect.


Yay! Another subject... :)


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

man, you even organised a little glossy shine on Torby's lips! you're a real pro ;-)

seriously lovely shots TOA... lovely light, lovely focus.

Wenchilada said...

Hi, I've just dropped in because I really enjoy your photography and this is no exception! It is such a shame that parents are no longer in the position to trust as readily these days...

That being said though, it's not as if you are secretly taking photos of children and then exploiting them. Most people at these gatherings do know who you are, trust you and admire your work (at least I can speak for me).

Feel free to use Persephone as a subject anytime if we happen to be somewhere you are

...please... :)


Michael said...

Photo subjects! I knew kids had to be good for something.

I kid. Those two are GORGEOUS.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks for the comments.

Speedy, thanks. Oliver is a very still child (most of the time) which helps, and he has such an 'open' face.

Finn, it's people who don't know me that might doubt my intentions. I mean, there are all sorts of rules now about taking pictures of kids at public events. Sad but true. Taking pics of my friends kids is fun anyway, because I have a connection to them. It's more meaningful. But there have been times when I've seen a kid dressed up really cute or whatever and wanted to take a pic, but stopped myself. I sort of understand it, but it's sad.

Michael, thanks. It helps that all my friends are turning out nice ones!

Anonymous said...

DAAAAWWWWWWWWW! That's too cute... as is the fact that his hat matches his shirt (and his birthday cupcakes come to think of it)... :P

The Other Andrew said...

Yah, it's the blue hat and shirt that really ups the ante on those gorgeous blue, blue eyes. The cakes were a big hit with the kids, just before I left I saw that Isobel had licked all the blue icing off one and was smeared with blue from one side to the other. Cute.

Craig said...

Those bulbous faces and foreheads and smooth unself-conscious fat-filled folds of skin fabric. What's not to admire?!
Their wide-eye-soak of life, world, events; gobbling up language, dialect, colour, naune, custom, food, jellybeans all-at-once.
No better way to capture life learning life than by camera.

Mousicles said...

Can I offer my baby as a subject?

Maybe he'll be awake at the next party. (Let sleeping babies lie they say...)

The Other Andrew said...

Hey Mouse, I popped in and had a look at wee Jasper when you guys were at DV's the other day. So cute! I'll take some snaps next time I see you guys.