Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I totally love it when you read a book that you really enjoy (actually re-read in this case, but let's not quibble). A book that kind of leaves you wanting to know what happened to the characters after the novel ends. A book who's author can boast singing in The Eurovision Song Contest, forchristsakes, as one of his acheivements. (So, where were you Mr Gore Vidal?) Then you decide to do a little bit of research on The Interwebsuperhighway, only to discover there's like totally a sequel, and everything! OMG!

So I just emailed my favourite local bookstore to order a copy.

Pray it doesn't suck.


Laubscher said...

And now I have to deal with the mental image of Gore Vidal prancing around on a Eurovision stage.

Scarring. Scarring, I tell you.

The Other Andrew said...

In a duet with Margaret Atwood!... Dolly & Kenny style.

Anonymous said...
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Ur-spo said...

some of my favorite reads have been 'word of mouth' like this. I will check it out to be sure.
I agree that the thrill of a good book surpasses most all other pleasures of life.

The Other Andrew said...

I have to come clean here and admit that I love a gay romance novel. There, I've said it. Gay men need romance in their lives too, even if only in the pages of a book.

The first book is more of a growing up/coming of age/first love novel. I bought the second one on the way home last night and have almost finished it (there went my planned early night). In some ways it's a bit more of a conventional love story but I'm really enjoying it! Quite moving.