Thursday, November 30, 2006

This One's For Michael Guy

My soul-sister Michael Guy has a love/hate relationship with Christmas.

Michael, I saw this sign outside Elizabeth's Bookshop in Newtown. This one's for you.


Michael Guy said...

"..a love/hate relationship with Christmas.." hmmm. It's sorta like Christmas seduces me, I bring it home only to find that once I've given it a handjob it leaves without staying the night...kinda relationship.

Lurve the signage, though! And that sentiment truly applies to my family.

PS-it's early a.m. here. I am sober now.

Michael said...

Once a year, sneak in, leave gifts, sneak out. He's onto something. That could apply to 90% of my relatives. Hell, 90% of people.

The Other Andrew said...

I have to tell you MG - I looooooved the drunken rant entry. Sorry, I know you were a tad unhappy when you wrote it, but it was one of the best stream of consciousness rants ever.

Michael, sneak in, sneak out huh? Not a creature was stirring?

Anonymous said...

Since I have a love/hate relationship with people in general, rather than Christmas, this one still sounds about right to me :P

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