Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fireside Chat, Anyone?

So, how's everyone doing?

You might think this is weird (but if you've been reading this blog for a while you've probably reset your paramaters of "weird" by now) but I think about you guys a lot. People who drop comments, whether it's frequently or only now and then. If I check my stats and see that someone from Poland or Ireland, or central Australia has been by to read this, it makes me wonder about who you are and what your life is like. I think a lot about my blogging buddies, the people I read often and think of as friends, or the people I only drop by every so often and maybe think of more as fond acquaintences.

You're a nice bunch of people. Obviously I feel I know the bloggers and commentors the best, those that share an idea or an opinion, but in the couple of years I've been writing this stream of consciousness (and occasional stream of unconsciousness) I've only ever had I think two, or maybe three, negative comments left. Those are pretty good odds in my book. You all come across as thoughtful, funny, frequently very sweet, and well, good to hang out with.

You could argue that I don't know you, I guess. Maybe so. But, have you ever had someone thoughtfully hold the door open for you, or met someone's eyes on the train and shared a moment with that stranger over something funny or strange? A little human connection. Thought to yourself "that's really sweet of them" or "they seem nice/funny/interesting", or "I'll bet they're a nice person". That's kind of how I feel about you guys.

Anyway, I'm not shilling for more comments, but I do enjoy them and just want you all to know that (comments or not) I find you guys fascinating and I really enjoy hanging out with you all. I would have packed this in long ago if it was just me talking to myself.


Michael said...

Without getting too mystical, I think YOU are responsible for the kind of people you draw 'round. Kind and bright and sweet beget the same.

And I told you that when I called you a faggot in one of my first posts here, I meant it in the best possible way, darling! So you're down to only one or two negative comments.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

But, have you ever had someone thoughtfully hold the door open for you, or met someone's eyes on the train and shared a moment with that stranger over something funny or strange? A little human connection.

yes, yes, absolutely yes. they are the little things that happen - and that we can make happen - which can make our lives so lovely. a few years ago I made the conscious decision to do those things for other people, no matter what their reaction. some treat you like a leper and some, well, you can tell that you've made a tiny difference to your day.

it's well worth it.

everyone needs those little connections. sometimes I wish I could just ask that person if they'd like to have a coffee and a yarn. but I never have. maybe I'll be up to that stage in a few years time when all dignity (or rather, self-consciousness) is out the window. heh.

lovely post, TOA, just lovely :-)

Michael Guy said...

This will sound totally bogus: I just shared with a co-worker recently that I felt like ditching the relationship, selling everything I own and moving to Sydney. Of all places.

She asked why. And all I could say was "...because Andrew lives there."

Go figure. You seem like someone I can connect with on many levels. And beyond that notion I find you to be a kind soul. And I think that factor attracts like-minded folks. You have a winning personality. Me too.

Most people call me a whore, though.

If I ever get the opportunity to head down under I'm so making it happen. Besides...I hear you make great fairy bread. Nummy nums!

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks you guys! 3 sweetie pies.

Michael, you know I think you are right about the sorts of people we draw to ourselves. That was a very sweet compliment by the way, but specifically I was thinking about what it says about YOU that you are so well loved by your blog readers. I count myself in that number.

Speedy, you and I have the benefit of knowing each other away from this blog too but I love it when you come and hang out here too. And about those connections with people, isn't it interesting that when we're on holidays, or there is some special circumstances, adversity or whatever, that we find it so much easier to break down the barrier with stangers?

MG, thanks for thinking of me! I'd love it if you came to visit, you know that. You're a bright light amongst the people I've met through Das Internetz, and I'd love to share a cocktail by the harbour with you sometime. I'll bring the fairy bread.

M-H said...

I think you get a 'feel' of someone through their blog - what they write about, how they chose their words and pictures. If I get a bad vibe I don't return. I s'pose I look for a coherent outlook on life, for a broad interest in the world around, for a careful way of reporting it (and that means taking care of grammar, spelling etc). A crafting of the life reported, if you like. Taking care. I return here all the time. :)

Therin of Andor said...

I've found blogging to be quite confronting. People who know me in person know that I talk a lot and, when a writer writes, he or she is usually encouraged to write about what they know. Also, as a teacher of the writing process to children, I have to demonstrate how real writers research their potential audience first, then work out the most effective way to pitch their information.

All those attributes combine when I write my blog but, so far, "Who is my audience?" is impossible to gauge. Especially when comments are sparse - and even moreso when they are from anonymous strangers. At least TOA has a dependable band of people leaving comments, and the in-person Flickr events must be beneficial, too.

My quandary is, when blogging, I'm still sort of flying blind. I can just cast out what's on my mind at the moment, but I've also been using the blog to make a more permanent record of questions I attempt to answer on various "Star Trek" bulletin boards I frequent, since I found the trivia interesting the first time I encountered it, and blogging it catalogues it so I can refer to it next time the question gets asked again.

However, it means that, for people who are regularly visiting my blog site for "Number 96" or "Star Trek" news, they may be disappointed when I go all Jack Russell on them. ;)

Michael said...

Who can say if I've been changed for the better,
(I do believe I have been changed for the better)
But, because I knew you,
I have been changed for good.

I just couldn't leave this post without a showtune lyric. Mea culpa.

Sunshine said...

My sentiment exactly!! :)

Ken said...

Sometimes this quote expresses how I feel when visitors to my blog don't leave comments...

"It's elusive, call it glitter,
Somehow something turns me on,
Some folks only see the litter,
We don't miss them when they're gone."

The Other Andrew said...

See? See how you all prove my point about just what sweetums you all are? Thanks for the comments.

M-H, glad you like the attempts at coherency! I have to tell you, I'm the weird combination of a really bad typist (typos out the whazzoo) but then I'm a Virgo who likes correct grammar... or at least an attempt at such. :) Every now and then a doozy slips through the net.

Therin, I admire 'topic' blogs like yours. Me, I'd end up veering off into some stream of consciousness about The Amazing Race, or the guy with the nice butt I saw in the street, so I figure I might as well just choose that as my starting point anyway. :P

Michael, Sunshine, Ken, thanks boys. You're all special.

Anonymous said...

Count me in...

I totally agree with pretty much everything you said there Andrew... :)