Friday, November 03, 2006


Sometimes it helps to talk about these things, you know? Get them off your chest. Vent. Throw a bit of drama.

I'm not having a good morning:

I splept badly last night, dog tired when I went to bed and then *bing* wide awake when my head hit the pillow. It took me a bit longer than normal to get to sleep and then a night of tossing and turning ensued.

I missed my train. It was on the platform while the woman in front of me in the queue for the ticket machine fiddled in her purse for change, only to then cancel the transaction because she didn't have enough coin. I managed to buy my ticket, but then a young guy with his iPod cranked up was obliviously walking slowly down the steps to the platform, holding up a queue of people behind him trying to get past and make the train. I got to it just as the doors shut. (You can believe that I shot some very un-Buddhist mindwaves of slow burning contempt in his direction. My bad.)

I had to walk to work in the rain.

I got to the office only to remember that my boss was having a day off, that some of the other staff are on a training session and the only other staff member was the part-timer due in at 9.30. I don't have a key. I sat outside and read my book ("The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Attwood) thinking a 45 minute wait would be ok. The part-timer was an hour late.

So here I am, and the phone's ringing off the hook with one problem after another... just pray the coffee machine is still working because otherwise it's going to get ugly.


Jane Doe said...

Hi Andrew,
Your morning sounds like it was shit. I hope you got your coffee and no one got hurt!
I've read "A Handmaid's Tale" and loved it. I usually hate the term, but I would put this one in the 'modern classic' genre any day. I was wondering what you thought of it.
I'll go back to lurking now...
JD (Gillian in SCA circles. I got here via DV)

Michael Guy said...

Oh, sweet Mary on a unicycle! Just call it a day and make long-distance calls while surfing bunghole porn. It will only get worse if you 'try' to make it productive. Call it a day--eat candy. Look at hair products. File your nails.

The Other Andrew said...

Jane, yes it has been a spectacularly crapolah day so far! Hey, it can only get better, right? I'm only 83 pages into "The Handmaid's Tale" but am emjoying it so far - if you can 'enjoy' a dystopia that is. It's my first Attwood, and I'm finding the ideas interesting.

MG, except for the bunghole porn I've kind of done the rest of what you suggested - in a somewhat desultory fashion. The Big Christian Charity frowns upon the surfing for bunghole porn during business (or any other for that matter) hours.

Mindy said...

I think you've earned yourself a bad day shopping trip. Have you been good and not bought a CD or DVD you've been wanting? Well today is the day! Go wild. And a big internet hug too.

Laubscher said...

Eep, I guess commiserations are in order. You should have gone home after half an hour! :-)

The Other Andrew said...

Herr Laubscher, now you see why I was so thoroughly envious of you going home after 30 minutes? I mean, I know you were sick and all, which is officially Not Good, but I felt a twinge of envy nonetheless. Big twinge.

Mindy, thanks for the brilliant idea of Retail Therapy! A woman after my own heart. Oh, and thanks for the intenet hug too!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

go and buy stuff. you know you want to ;-)

in the words of some immortal SCA person who shall remain nameless because I can't remember their name...

"do ya good."