Friday, November 10, 2006


I followed this woman and her companion for three Newtown blocks, until I could get close enough to take a picture of her shoes. Don't ever tell my I'm not committed to my art.

Personal Style

This sums up so much about Newtown to me. The stab at a personal style that bucks the trend. The pavers that have replaced regular bitumen footpaths in an attempt at gentrification. (I kind of like the pavers, don't get me wrong.) Oh, and ciggie butt in the bottom right corner that I cropped out of the frame.

I used a technique referred to as "shooting from the hip" for this. Although in this instance I guess it's "shooting the hipster from the hip". A discreet way of shooting when you don't want the subject to realise. Instead of bringing the camera up to your eye, you hold it down near your body somewhere (actual hip optional), aim in the general direction, say a prayer to the Gods Of Autofocus and hope for the best. Any composition flaws can often be fixed by cropping, but miss the focus and you're screwed. Out of a few frames I got this one, so fortunately - not screwed.


Jodie Sorrell said...

I love Newtown, not even Darlingithurts (Darlinghurst) has style this good!

Gotta love a chick with balls enough to wear green shoes!

Michael said...

I love Newtown, too! And a kitten heel.

The Other Andrew said...

OMG, I love Newtown too!

Jodie, in Newtown some of the chicks DO have balls. Like for reals.

Michael, and slingbacks. Bet you love slingbacks. Word of caution, kitten heel + size 13 shoe = recipe for disaster. Word of warning big guy.

Mindy said...

Ah, so that's a kitten heel. Must add it to my list of things I can never wear without breaking an ankle. This girl wasn't built for heels.