Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's Pronounced 'Pump-kin' Not 'Punkin'

Looking at the creativity that some people use in carving Hallowe'en "Jack O' Lanterns" makes me wish that it was a bigger tradition here in OZ. To give me another excuse to get my Martha on.

Here's a sampling of cool ones found today on Flickr:

These are just some of my faves, there's a Jack O' Lantern group on Flickr, with more great designs and some great ideas for next year.

(The title of this post refers to an old flatmate of mine, who could not pronounce the word "pumpkin" if her life depended on it. So, of course, I engineered every possible opportunity possible to get her to say her version - "punkin". I'm so mean.)


Michael said...

Oh, darling, "punkin" is de rigeur in these parts. In fact, I imagine one might have to travel as far as Warshington, D.C. to hear it any other way. And that's at least 500 mile.

The Other Andrew said...

Just drop one "de rigeur" though and all the white trash "punkins" disappear in a flash of vocabulary.

Michael said...

True. For the same effect, you can try this (which I was finally bold enough to do this week):

Client: So what did you get up to this weekend?

ME: Well, Saturday afternoon I checked out the Rembrandt/Dutch Masters exhibit at the Art Institute, and then, ohmygod, I managed to snag a ticket to the last sold out performance of Madama Butterfly on Sunday afternoon.

::cricket chirp:: ::as they frolic amongst skittering tumbleweeds::

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! I once sat 5th row centre for Madama Butterfly and cried great big wracking sobs at the sheer fabulosiyt of it all.

I get a tiny bit of that here, when I talk about my weekends. Blah blah gallery opening blah blah, blah blah curated an exhibition blah blah, blah blah cocktails with friends blah blah... only they look at me like I'm some exotic creature descended into their midst. Which I am.

The Other Andrew said...

It loses something if you misspell "fabulosity" - even if it isn't a real word.

Michael said...

Which I am.

Second that.

The Other Andrew said...


amy said...

this is one of my favourite jack-o-lanters of all time. kills me every time!

For me it was Turandot. I wept like a baby.