Friday, November 10, 2006

Can I Get A Cold Compress And A Sponge Bath From T.R. Knight?

The doctor's visit didn't supply a lot of hard data on the subject of my currently feeling shite, although it seems that my situation is likely the combination of a couple of things. A bad sinus infection was confirmed (as I suspected) and a mystery 'virus' assumed. The virus seems have almost worked its way out of my system, and I'm not getting the degree of overheated and achey feelings that I was getting. The sinus infection though is a real corker, and is still making me feel like crap. I've started treatment for it so fortunately my future (and yours) should blessedly contain few "I feel like shite" entries.

A couple of kind souls suggested trying to cut out wheat from my diet, to see if that makes a difference. This sounds hard but not impossible. I'm actually thinking it would be an interesting challenge, I mean so long as I still get to eat (modified) pasta and pizza every now and then, I'm in. Plus Gluten Free is so hot right now! Oh, and as Morgan said in an email; exercise, exercise, exercise. I will admit to being a tad less enthusiastic about that one at present... I know, I KNOW. Suck it up and get moving.

I've decided to cancel my plan to go to the big cocktail party my friends in Canberra are throwing this weekend. It's disappointing, as it's a great event held every year, but I don't feel like pushing it to do the 3 hours of travel each way. Plus any crash space alternatives would add a layer of cat allergy over my current sinus issues, or entail the expense of a hotel. I just don't feel like being away from the comfort of my own bed at present, and the late night and excess of a cocktail party is probably best avoided.

See, see how much of a grown up I can be sometimes! Sometimes.

What that does do is free up my weekend. So long as I feel a bit better, I should be free to head to the Newtown Festival and catch up with the lovely folk of the Newtown Flickrazzi. One of the things I'm looking forward to at the Festival is the Writers' Tent. Specifically the session of getting published. I know, I'd have to actually write something vaguely book-like in order to get said book-like object published... but I can dream, can't I?


Laubscher said...

Dreaming is so 1990's TOA:

Glad to hear you're feeling better. See you on Sunday! :-)

The Other Andrew said...

Yeah, I saw the NaNoWriMo thing cropping up just as it started. I considered becoming a NaNoWriMo 'mo briefly (God knows I respond well to structure) but I didn't have any ideas fired up and ready to go. I think you need to do your homework first if you're going to commit to writing 3+ pages a day on average, or whatever it takes.

What time do you think you'll be there on Sunday? I posted a comment on the discussion thread about the Festival on the Newtown group...

M-H said...

After years of cutting this and that out of my diet to combat repeated year-round sinus infections I finally succumbed and saw an ENT specialist. Three months later he had replumbed my nose (which was deviant, like the rest of me) and I've just had my first winter in I-don't-know how-long without a single cold, let alone sinus infection. Surgery was painless and I wish I'd done it sooner!

Laubscher said...

No, no, no. You've got it all wrong TOA. NaNoWriMo is not about writing something printable. The point is just to start and finish a novel.

Plot and character development sometimes get in the way of finishing, and are therefore not requirements for a nanowrimo novel. Hell, I've seen some entries where spelling and gramer (sic) were optional too.

I responded to your question in the Newtown thread :-)

The Other Andrew said...

M-H, if I go under the knife I want to come out the other end with a nose that says "starlet" or "trust fund". I'm just sayin'.

Herr Laubscher, oh I see. The Virgo in me would want this to be perfect though, which a) would defeat the purpose and b) stress me out. I might take a stab at it sometime though. I have a wonderful book called "Writing Down The Bones" which advocates forcing yourself to write every single day. The idea is to free yourself from it having to be good, and to learn by practice.

tracey said...

Can I plug my gluten free blog? :(

I've been documenting everything and anything without gluten/wheat in it. Hope it's helpful.

Have you seen ? Bloggers version of NaNoWriMo

DV said...

We will miss you at the party mr andrew but i understand the need to stay home.

no caps for you as torby is on my lap.

Mindy said...

Apparently dairy free can help as well, but I don't know for sure as I have never tried it.

The Other Andrew said...

I limit my dairy, because I'm lactose intolerant. Yoghurt is OK, because most of the lactose is burnt off by the bacteria. I eat some cheese, but not too much. Cream and milk are verboten.