Monday, November 27, 2006

How Much Eating, Drinking and Socialising Is "Too Much"?

Oy. It's Monday afternoon and I'm pooped. I had an absolute cracker of a weekend. Fabulous, full of socialising but perhaps a bit light on for sleep.

Friday night I went to dinner at the home of one of the guys from my Buddhist centre. What a fantastic night. We sat outside in the warmth of the summery evening, drank exotic Samoan beers, had a lovely dinner, talked, patted the neighbourhood cat who has adopted him as her own and took a walk down to the water's edge in Balmain to look back at the cityscape over the water. He has such a beautiful home in Balmain, full of persian rugs, Chinese antiques, lots of Buddha statues and memories from a lifetime of travel.

Saturday I kicked the day off with a solo breakfast at the cafe around the corner, before heading off to the Thanksgiving extravaganza hosted by my friends Coz & Rob. Rob is from the U.S. and after years of living here in Sydney, and marrying local girl Coz, they've decided to head back to the U.S. at the start of next year. So this year's Turkey Day will sadly probably be the last. Saturday was hot and hazy from the smoke of bushfires around Sydney, but the night was mild and comfortable for the 30+ of us seated at the odd assortment of tables and trestles set up in the garden. I took somewhere in the vicinity of a hundred photos, a couple of which I'll post here soon.

Yesterday I had a long delicious lunch at a friend's house, way too much wine, and lots of laughs. Oh, and then a fantastic much needed massage in the afternoon.

It seems like I've started the Holiday Weight Gain Season early this year...


Jodie Sorrell said...

You can never have too much eating and drinking as long as your aren't alone.

As for socialising, it's good to be amoungst friends!

Ps. You have to include Popsd in your word verification novel;-)

Mindy said...

I hope the photo of harry vs the huge turkey leg comes out well.

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! It's a bit ordinary... focus a bit soft, but it's still entertaining. Not for the turkey though, the turkey wasn't too happy about it.

Tyson said...

That's the way to be!

I had a big, social weekend too, so much so that when I woke up this morning it took a few minutes to deduce what day it was.

Exchange it for nothing, I say!

DV said...

Are there any good ones of me? I'm determined to find a nice photo of myself. There has to be one out there, right?

I love this time of year with it's eating and drinking and chatting. It's fabulous! Exhausting, but fabulous!

The Other Andrew said...

Tyson, I hate it when the result of the "what day is it?" feeling is "MONDAY"... hate that.

DV, sadly I didn't get any nice ones of you. By the time I got to you there was too little light and too much alcohol. Got a lovely one of your 'usband though! Small consolation I know.