Friday, November 10, 2006

Channel 7 Is Messing With My Head

If you've read this blog for a while you'll know that I'm obsessed with the tv show "The Amazing Race". (I know I probably just lost half the readers of this entry with that opening line. Those of you still here, scooch your chairs in a little closer and let's make a smaller circle.)

BTW - I haven't linked to it because I'm avoiding spoilers, m'kay?! Duh.

The latest season of the show started in the US like 5 weeks ago, or something. Now, in the past Channel 7 have screened the show a few weeks behind the US. It's annoying and it means I have to try and avoid reading US blog posts that give away who gets knocked off each episode. (OK, just lost a few more. Spread out a bit kids, if you need more room.) Channel 7 have screened every season of the show, with the exception of the generally considered lame-ass "Family" edition that screened in the US ages ago.

Leap forward and see me realise that Channel 7 have scheduled "The Amazing Race" into the programs for this week. See me do the Happy Dance. See me think "well, 5 weeks behind or whatever but at least we are getting it!". See me turn on the show and then see me realise they are screening the lame-ass Family edition instead of the current season.

THAT is what crestfallen looks like.


freakgirl said...

Oh man, I feel your pain.

Although it's almost worth watching just for the horror that is the Weaver family.

Michael said...

And freakgirl, don't forget the dreamy fratboy 'liciousness that is the Linz bros!

I NEVER thought I'd say this, but the bloom is off the rose for me on this show. I don't know if it's the casting or the editing, but it's become so predictable and frequently anti-climactic. Where's the IMPOSSIBLY TENSE final moment every damn week that we came to know and love from the first few seasons? Christ, Phil has even forsaken wherever he was getting those safari clothes (J. Peterman?) and is shopping at the Gap.

I know, this is heresy, but I felt very confessional, very 12 steps, what with our chairs scootched in so close like this.

Freakgirl's right, though. There's no spoilage in noting the horror that is the Weaver clan because it's immediately and obviously apparent from the git go. Jesus freaks with bad hair and short shorts? No.

The Other Andrew said...

Yeah, you know I kind of remember some of the blog posts and discussions from when it was on in the US. The hating on the Weavers especially, oh yes and the fratboy hotness oof the Linz boys. I see why now, on both scores.

It really irks me when some Christians talk about taking their faith so seriously and then trivialise it by using Jesus as a combination of Get Out Of Jail Card and finder of keys. You know? The Weaver mom lost me completely when she called on Jesus to tell her the right road on the map to take - injesus'snameamen! Whatever.

Does the latest season of TAR in the US blow? Please tell me it isn't so. I heart it so.

Amanda said...

I wanna see the Weavers too.

The latest seasons is good, thanks muchly bit torrent. My face team got eliminated last week but they had a good run and after, Rosie O'Donnell gave them a house so can't complain. Remarkably there are no actual complete wankers you can do nothing but hate upon, even the beauty queens and models are kinda cool.

Amanda said...

Fave team not face.

Michael said...

No, it doesn't blow, mijo, but it's not stellar, either. I'm right there week in and week out, regardless. I suppose we've settled into one of those "no more fireworks" comfortable relationships, TAR and I.

The Other Andrew said...

Amanda, I'm gonna have to commit video piracy (aaaaargh!) if they don't show the current US season. Thanks for the wrap up.

Michael, "loyal" is the word.

Mindy said...

I don't know, I really need a team that irritates me so I can celebrate when they get knocked out like, two or three from the end. Or beaten by the hippies. That was cool. Will be looking out for the Weaver family. sounds like they hit the spot.