Thursday, November 16, 2006

4 Things That Popped Into My Head This Morning

Hella busy today, so sorry for the paucity of posts. Too busy even to have thought of 5 Things today, 4 is the best I could do.

So, here are 4 random thoughts I had during the course of this morning:
  1. I wish I lived in El Salvador, because I would love to have a blog called Salvador Daily.
  2. There is a special hell reserved for people who don't pick up their dog's crap. Nobody there gets to wear any deodorant and the whole place smells worse than summertime ass.
  3. At one point earlier today, while I was on the phone, there was someone jackhammering the footpath right outside my office, the front doorbell was ringing and two very loud people standing right beside my desk were having a conversation. There are special hells reserved for everyone involved.
  4. Movember seems to be well supported, half grown 'taches are everywhere. I counted a half dozen this morning on my daily commute alone, from the whispy unfortunate to the '70s bow-chikka-bow-bow pornstar hot. I kind of liked the '70s pornstar hot. Obviously.


Michael said...

I would love to read Salvador Daily! Great, now I'm missing something I never had. Again.

That special hell with the dog crap leavers? There'd be lots and lots of Romans there.

Did someone say '70s porn stars?

The Other Andrew said...

Not only missing something that you've never had, but something that exists only in my head! In fact, only the name exists in my head! OHMIGOD that's edgy. Or something.

Yeah. When in Rome, step in dog shit. I've heard.


Lost in the Quotidian said...

I can imagine that I would always chuckle (at least to myself) in appreciation of the Salvador Daily. (My job includes meeting with clients who are in jail, and I never cease to find it amusing to say of a given day, "I went to jail this morning."

The Other Andrew said...

If my fictional blog that doesn't even exist (hence "fictional") becomes more popular than this one... then I think that might make my head explode. Just sayin'.