Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tired But Happy.

Thanks for the kind comments everyone about the change of job, and what that means in terms of a new start. Today was very, very busy but rewarding and fun. After work I met with a publisher of Buddhist texts and pictures, one of our suppliers for the Buddhist centre, who is visiting from America. So, it has been a long day and I was hungry and tired by the time I got home to Morgan's apartment, quite late.

Some cuddles and having dinner cooked for me went a long way to restoring equilibrium. (Question: Could he BE any sweeter? Answer: No, not really.)

So it's quite late and bed calls. I know, I know. Where's the quips? Maybe a 5 Things list? Shallow thoughts on deep subjects, and vice versa?

Sorry, but it's no contest. Good night, see you tomorrow.


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Miss Eudoxia said...

Great news Andrew. New starts are always great..and having loving support whilst you do it is even better.