Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mere & Drew's Wedding

When I first discovered the Sydney Phtotobloggers group on Flickr, I attended one of the group meet-ups, and after wandering around for a while the large group of us went off to yum cha. I sat next to a lovely and very funny woman by the name of Meredith, who I easily struck up a convesation with and whithin a few minutes we were laughing and getting along like a house on fire.


On Saturday I had the joy of being a guest at Meredith's wedding, amongst a bunch of fellow Flickrazzi, when she married Andrew (aka Bloody Big Johnno). If you are going to invite a bunch of friends to your wedding, you could do a lot worse than to invite a group of enthusiatic amateur photographers. Have a look at some of the stunning results this Flickr group and you'll see what I mean.


It was a glorious bright, sunny day and the location down by the water at Balmain was a perfect match for the weather.

Pretty Parasol & Purple, Sparkly Shoes

The lunchtime ceremony was followed by a picnic, which lasted throughout the afternoon. A long, lovely, lazy afternoon of socialising, eating and photographing well just about anything that could be photographed.

Sleepy Morgan

Around dusk we moved into the rowing club alongside the park, where the party kicked on into the evening. Like all good receptions, there were speeches, there were good natured hecklers during he speeches, there was lots of food and drink, kids underfoot and dancing. All the essential ingredients for a fun night.

Bridal Boogie

I still have more pics to post, in fact I have so many that I like that I'm having a hard time editing them down to a reasonable number. The pics I have posted so far are all in this set.

Tomorrow Meredith and Andrew are off on a grand honeymoon. A world trip, taking lots of photos of course, and even planning on catching up with with other Flickrazzi the world over. Hopefully this will mean that we can share some small part of their adventures with them, just as they let us share this special day with them.

Handsome Couple

I hope they have a wonderful trip, and I can't wait to hear all the stories! Safe journey, safe return guys.


Michael said...

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The Other Andrew said...

...and what you're talking 'bout.


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