Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Douze Pointes!

Ok, it's Wednesday and here I am recapping Sunday night!? I feel a burning sense of shame, if it's any consolation... does that help? Oh, you're harsh.

Anyhoo, Eurovision is too good/bad to not give at least a passing comment to. This year I went to a party held by one of my Flickrazzi friends Kate (aka The Department). Dress was "Eurotrash", a style that some took to surprisingly well.


There was nummy nums Greek food, a big screen, scoring cards, drinks, children, pets... all the required ingredients for a hoot of an evening. And a hoot it was!

The Department of Scoring

The show was a bit so so this year I thought. The Finnish winners "Lordi" were fun, eccentric and a breath of weird air. Apart from that, um, a bit ordinary. I expected more campness but lots of the acts seemed quite tame. It all peaked for me with the Estonian drag flight attendants of a few years back. Thankfully some of the acts at least had the good grace to be bad *cough*France*cough* to spice things up, and Terry Wogan was deliciously bitchy and spot on with his scoring predictions (neighbours voting for each other).

Maybe next year there'll be drag queens. Pray there are drag queens.


Q - 60's girl said...

estonian? really? my father is estonian...i wish i had watched it. The last time i watched Eurovision i was wearing bell bottom jeans and cork platform shoes, what year was that anyway??
There is a guy at work who gives a hilarious rendition of the all funny parts/ commentary complete with accents. He wears clear diamond cut nailpolish, if you ask him why, "Is that nailpolish??" (well i wanted to know) he gets shitty and tells you "BECAUSE i like it" and then changes the topic...ohkay hmmm

I thought i was freezing to death here because the temperature had dropped to 7 degrees overnight. Which is bad enough but then as my morning went downhill i realised i was sick and had a fever : ( so sad hate being sick...

Michael said...

Every time I think I'm done, I go back again to STEELY in your Flickr set. That photo is a scream.