Monday, May 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Two Me.

Holy crap. I missed my own birthday!

On Saturday the 20th of May, the same day I was running around with a camera in my hand thinking "It's 10.15 on a Saturday morning, in the business district, how the hell am I going to get a photo to represent lust?..." my blog was quietly turning 2. It was a good weekend to turn 2 so it would seem. (MG, I knew we were sistas, but I had no idea we were that similar.)

Two. Years. Twenty two thousand page views. 746 entries. Who knows how many thousands of comments. Many thousands of laughs from the things you guys have written in the comments. New friends, internet crushes, new obsessions... it's been a rich experience. Not the least of which, in fact the most of which, is the boyfriend.

Life has been a little complicated of late. Dividing my time between two residences, Morgan's and mine, not having daytime internet access and all the distractions that come with changing jobs and starting a relationship. It's all put a bit of a dampener on my blogging just recently. I'm still loving it and not bored with it.

Two years later, that's like a miracle. :)


Miss Wired said...

Happy birthday to your blog!

Misswired has her birthday coming up in September.

Michael Guy said... this factoid is just freaking me out! TWO years ago--nearly to the date. What was the catalyst that propelled you into blogging? Mine was self-abuse. This blog thing fills in the time between sessions. Yep. Congrats! YOU! I (heart) your blog! Thanks for the cup o' snark.

The Other Andrew said...

Miss Wired, don't be lame and miss the date like I did. :)

MG, You freaked me right out when I realised we started just one day apart! Too, Spooky. If I remember rightly it was a mix of boredom and curiosity, plus admiring other people's blogs that got me started. I like your reason better.

I heart you too. LOVE you and your blog. You are too fabulous for words.

Michael said...

Happy Anniversary, dear. You possess so many MARVELOUS traits and now we add longevity to the list? Mazel tov. To Morgan.

And me just a babe in the woods. Not even a year yet and I'm blogging about Q-tips. I guess I have a few more lessons to learn at the skirts of TOA.

Q - 60's girl said...

Andrew your 'feel good' blog is unique and has attracted a beautiful assortment of genuine caring people. You should be very proud - you are a natural at this! Congratulations : )

Oh my word verification is almost the name of my meditation teacher "kapila" reads kapala - good vibes indeed!!

Sunshine said...

Happy anniversary, Andrew. :) May there be many more to come. :D

Bodhi said...


22,000 page views, huh? Wow, you must be delighted that I combine both obsessive compulsive with attention defecit. What? Oh, no need to thank moi. Stop it. Your embarrasing moi.

Not only have a made a real friend and flatmate through your blog TOA, but in fact it was predominately your very blog that truly introduced me to the joys of the wider blogosphere. All those blogbuddies I can now not live without. Comments, spelling and grammar online have never been the same since.



PS. No, I am not going to get my own blog. In the immortal words of that Frenchie philosopher Rene Descartes; I comment, therefore I am ;-)

Michael said...

Commento Ergo Sum

Bodhi said...

emendo, comes comitis :-)

yaniboy said...

Happy Second Bloggiversary Andrew!

Thanks for the photos, the memes, the chuckles and the insight into your world...


Q - 60's girl said...

Bodhi "blogbuddies I can now not live without"

Ohhh!!! but no need to thank moi. Stop it Bodhi. Your embarrasing moi.

You are SO naughty, lol : )

Q - 60's girl said...

Oops *you're* *embarrassing* me! Spelling :p hehe

The Other Andrew said...

Aren't you all just the sweetest, hottest, loveliest folks on Teh Internets?

Seriously, you complete me.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

congrats to you, TOA, for both the blog and everything you've gained (esp the boy, who I must meet at some point m'kay) - your blog is something I check every day for a little bit of goss and a lot of joy :)

dani said...

2 years! bravo andrew. that's alot of blogging, so i guess you should just enjoy a little time off from it now and then, even if it is forced.

and also wanted to tell you, you are hilarious! you were so funny on sunday night - i totally appreciate that quick mind of yours! wish i could be like that.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Dani, Eurovision brings out the snark in me! :)

Speedy, it's kind of a major source of communication for us these days, isn't it? Morgan and `i should come visit you all sometime soon. I'll call you.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

TOA, it certainly is, and I really love it although there's nothing nicer than a chat IRL you know... and you will definitely have to bring that nummy boy over. I feel terribly slack for not having invited you sooner for a viewing of the Dinghy!

amatr_sam said...

congrats andrew, it's been a pleasure reading your thoughts!