Saturday, May 13, 2006


The old job is no more, long live the new job! One door closes and another door opens. This new job isn't permanent but it's exciting nonetheless... and best of all it's change. I start next week.


Michael Guy said...

"Congratulations!" Does your weekend not feel alive with possibilities? My job is sooo toxic right now. It's not entirely the job's just my desire for some change in life. I envy your fresh start, Andrew! And the new love!

fireman_gaz said...

So from Thursday night not know where you are going to be going to today you are excited about a new job... what happened and what are you doing?

The Other Andrew said...

Well, Friday was interesting! Within a few short hours I went from having a huge fight with my boss, leaving - never to return, and walking straight into a new job. Sure this new job is a short-term contract, but I'm not complaining!