Friday, May 19, 2006

Can I have Your Points Please?

Ok, I'm watching the Eurovision finalists - the semi-finals to pick the last 10 contestants for the big night on Sunday.

Song three has just started, and so far it hasn't disappointed. Bulgaria had a back-up singer who looked like a drag queen with a bleached blonde goatee.

Oh, sweet, sweet Eurovision. Ich liebe dich!!

[Updated: Oh. My. God. Belgium has cute dancing boys in black leather corsets! As Morgan just said, "Europe looks like a very alien place right now". Word.]


fireman_gaz said...


They are supposed to be picked on the quality of music and their act. Not the quality of the whole "package". Pay attention to the music and not the boys!!

or at least a little bit of attention to the music :-)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oh TOA, I was over at Mouse's to watch and the whole room just went AHHHHH! when we saw that freaky mcfreakweasel. what WAS that?

and we're all very disappointed that Poland (Venetian Carnevale with green hair and baby belly) and Finland (female drag queen who talks to god) didn't get through. apart from - ah what country had the LOTR rejects? - apart from them, Poland and Finland were easily the best entrants. easily!

Suzy said...

what has musical ability and the actual song ever had much to do with Eurovision? Personally I want Finland to win... The women in the corsets and stockings accompanying Andorra's entry were very welcome additions for some of my mates. And as for Brian, never a huge fan, think he is looking a bit worse for wear but at least he made the final. And 'Every song is not a cry for love' Brian...I could start a very long list to prove my hypothesis.

The Other Andrew said...

I wasn't so taken with Finland, the rubber mask stizz - they looked too much like refugees from a Star Trek convention. Third Klingon from the left.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

ahhh sorry, the female drag queen was from Iceland. d'oh!

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

I was channel flicking and caught that Finnish band: Lori. Hilarious stuff. Can't believe they won!

Mousicles said...

Not a single song of merit really this year :(

Finland was amazing and obviously different enough to get the vote. I thought the Lithuanian entry was a hoot - We are the winners! Ukraine was very perky.

But yes. Speedy pointed out that we all loved Poland and Iceland and they should have been in the finals.

Russia just freaked me out. Relatively okay song, but the corpse creature coming out of the piano was disturbing!

The Other Andrew said...

The Russian corpse was the least of my problems with them... what about the mullet!... and the hightop sneakers!... Although we had fun picking him apart and then defending him with comments like "Give him a break, it's Russia they only just got jeans/mullets/sneakers!... (etc)"

I felt bad for the Iceland girl when she was booed during the semis. Her piss-take on Eurovision and wisecracks about Greek organisation didn't go down well. Concept was fun the execution was a bit lacking.

Most of the songs were a bit lacklustre. I though Los Ketchup would at least be camp fun but it was a tad boring.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Russia's entry - more proof that they're still in the 80's ;)

Mousicles said...

Los Ketchup from Spain - That was aweful. Spain was terrible last year as well. Can somebody teach that country the concept of harmony? They have multiple singers and still only sing (shout/chant more likely) in unison! How totally dull!

Estonia and Ukraine had great boots.

Germany is apparently complaining that the rest of Europe hates them and that they should have scored better. I don't think so. A country song from Europe? It wasn't good... even if the lead singer was from Australia.