Monday, May 08, 2006

A Lovely Weekend

Despite the fact that today is cool, grey and a bit blustery in Sydney, the weekend was another beautiful sunny Autumn weekend. More like Spring really, with mostly clear skies and temperatures up to 26C. Glorious.

The boy and I got off to a slow start on Saturday, having a leisurely breakfast and lolling about. Late morning we headed off to visit two friends of mine Spyder & Gordon, and spent about three hours sitting in the sunshine in their backyard, drinking tea and coffee, eating cheese and crackers, gossiping and catching up, and playing with their two whippets. Mid afternoon their young son Aemon woke up from his nap, and another friend (and my old roommate) dropped by, making it a lovely afternoon in the garden. I was on one of my first outings with the new camera so snapped a bunch of flower pics like the flowering tarragon, the hot orange/yellow gladioli and the pink rose below.


In the late afternoon we headed into the city and Morgan bought a new camera, in fact the same one I now have. Once you try an SLR, going back to the limitations of the point & shoot style camera is kind of tough. We headed back to Morgan's apartment and spent the evening relaxing, watching the limited edition DVD of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, posting pics to Flickr and doing a bit of web surfing.

Sunday we got off to an earlier start and went to the Botanic Gardens, where I took lots of photos (as did Morgan) and got to really start experimenting with the new camera. Afterwards we walked around the harbour foreshore to the Opera House, where of course lots more photos were taken (I've yet to post these, but will do soon). That building does not have a bad angle to it I swear, and it was glowing in the Autumn sunshine. We capped the afternoon with a stroll up historic Macquarie Street, late lunch and a spot of chimping at the Hyde Park Barracks Museum cafe, then home for a relaxed afternoon of posting pics to Flickr and then cooking dinner (fried halloumi with salad).

So, now it's Monday morning. I might have exploded from the happiness of it all if the weekend had gone on for another day, so it's probably for the best that I'm back at the salt mine... :)


morgan said...

I couldn't resist getting a D-SLR too - it's been on my mind for a while. We did see if Ted's [store] would do a deal for selling two, but you got a great deal from Naddsy.

And Narnia was surprisingly excellent. I didn't finish the book ever, and was put of the film by all the fundamentalist moralizing. Tilda Swinton is just wonderful.

The Other Andrew said...

Word. Worship The Tilda! (Haven't you just always wanted to write it as ~ Swinton, or is that just me?) She's great.

fireman_gaz said...

OMG - 2 D-SLRs in the hands of you two.

You will love them and from now on in all of your spare $$$ will end up going on new toys for them.

The Other Andrew said...

Gaz, I think you're right about the $$$s. At one point during Morgan's buying spree, when he was adding accessories, he ruefully said "Gee, $50 doesn't go very far, does it?"


Bodhi said...

For those of you so wondering (and I know you are out there. You are), I know that your lives would simply not be as complete if I failed to tack on my own weekend update to our beloved TOA's regular post of same.

So here goes.

Friday involved me gettin lucky, just don't ask me his name. He was very cute, that's all you need to know (and coincidentally, all I was interested in, but I digress). Names? They have names?! ...

Saturday night I had a ball and lots of laughs with Rabbit and The Kid. The Unholy Trinity in full flight, its a sight to behold. Anyhoo, Da Bunny shouted said Kid dinner, movie and a DVD purchase as a belated 16th birthday present. So much fun was had by all.

Yesterday was my first opportunity since her birthday to take The Kid shopping for her present. We found exactly what were we after. A white gold, sapphire and diamond ring (as promised her since around the age of 10). The Kid was beside herself, my visa was running hot. I then saw this gorgeous and quite substantial white and yellow gold mens necklace, and after having lost a necklace (complete with 6-diamond drop pendant - ouch!) on my trip up to Bris Vegas last year, I just had to buy it. My visa by this time was running a serious temperature.

We were both grinning like Cheshire cats. Ahhhhhh, Bling Nirvana. The fact that the sales assistant was also very friendly and efficient, not to mention hot-damn-20-something-gay-cute only further fed our mutual bliss.

So a good weekend, indeed.

Happy Happy Happy. Joy Joy Joy.

And in even further good news Da Bunny starts his new job today (Monday). It's still a landscaping type role, but is much more a senior supervisory position. So he's moving up, to a Head role (hmmmmmmm). He remains the whore .... ticulturist, he just likes to watch. Congrats and good luck Dude!