Friday, April 21, 2006

Wrong Side Of The Bed

Who knew that two back-to-back four day weeks could be so exhausting? A short week last week and a short week this week on account of Easter has meant that two weeks worth of very busy work, busier than normal, has been crammed into 8 days. A public holiday next Tuesday for ANZAC Day makes it a third week in a row. I'm not complaining about having days off (trust me when I say I will never complain about that!) but it has made the time I am at work busier and more stressful than normal. Yesterday I spent over an hour on a bank help desk trying to make 528 client payments go through, payments that absolutely had to go through, and it was so stressfull I thought my head was going to explode, Scanners style.

Urgh. I suspect I got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. (Or someone else's bed to be more accurate.) I'm a bit tired, a bit crabby, and counting down to the weekend already. Less of a Glass Half Full Day than a What Is The Damn Glass Doing On My Desk? I Didn't Ask For This Glass! Day.

On the good news front, tomorrow is Saturday! Not just any Saturday, but Haircut Day. Like my compadre I heart Haircut Day. I have one instruction Make It Pretty.


Miss Eudoxia said...

Did you not get your morning coffee???

I can relate to the dreaded 4 day working week (no issues with a 3 day weekend)
We always joke that we should do it permenantly, only work 4 days a week, as we always seem to make more money than a 5 day one but boy, do you work hard those 4 days!

Signed Miss E who is hoping that the glass isn't half full of water but of something else that will make it all better and the day go faster. :-)

The Other Andrew said...

:) Yes I have had coffee, I was drinking it while I posted so maybe it just hadn't kicked in yet...

I thought 2006 was the future already!? I mean, I can do without the jetpack and moonbases, or living under the sea, but where are all the damn robots and labour saving devices that were supposed to free us from all this? Ripped off.

morgan said...

You didn't seem crabby when you left this morning. My day is more fun - completely different to yesterday's hellish deadlines. Still got a lot to do, though. Hope your day gets better.

The Other Andrew said...

My crabbiness was largely work enduced, or work brought it to the fore at least. Of course I wasn't crabby around you, how could I be? :)

Today is a bit quiter, still a mountain of work piling up but at least I have fewer externally enforced deadlines.

Michael Guy said...

It's past my bedtime here. I am CRABBY too! I have to go on a business trip; out Sunday for a Monday a.m. meeting. I do not want to go. I don't like giving presentations. HOW did I end up doing this? At best I will take some blog pics of my hotel; worse: I can't sleep just one night in a hotel. Not long enough to settle in and get used to the bed. feh!

Signed, Crabby McCrab Patty