Monday, April 03, 2006

The All New 'Low-Fresh-Content' Weekend Recap

Normally on a Monday I like to take a bit of time to recap the weekend, but considering that my entire weekend was the two day conference (see below) I kind of already have it mostly covered! It was a good time, but as I've mentioned below quite an exhasuting one.

We had to be at the conference to set up at 6am on Saturday morning, Saturday night I went to bed at about 8.30pm and Sunday I was back in there at 7.30am. Fortunately the clocks changed back from Summer daylight savings time on Sunday morning, so I did get a bit of extra sleep. Last night I had a bite to eat, called the boy, wrote a blog entry and then went to bed.

So now it's Monday morning and I am a bit tired, but the end result of the conference was very successful so I feel a real sense of satisfaction. The dollar sales for my centre were a great result, but more importantly there were lots of happy and gratefull customers, and I like the thought that people may have found books that will make a real positive impact on their lives.


Q - 60's girl said...

Yes thats it really (i couldnt put my finger on it - so many books and so many people). But you are right - the thought that any one of these books could impact in a positive way. Well it is certainly what its all about. Nice one TOA :)

I have to go i'm late to bed.

Oh and good luck with the impending new arrival of your baby Worldpeace, must be soon - enjoy, enjoy!

The Other Andrew said...

Exactly, it's an amazing thought that you might have played a small part in helping someone find more happiness in their life - or at least helped put the possible tools to do so in front of them. Ideas can be transformative.

Have a good sleep!