Friday, April 28, 2006

Back On Deck

Okely Dokely, now that that little bug has finally worked its way out of my system I'm back, primed and ready to party. (In the way that 41 year old men party that is, somewhat slowly, with ocassional rest breaks, and a complaint to turn that damn music down.)

I don't have much from the past few days that's news worthy to report, which is never a good way to intro a blog entry, let's face it. What's that I hear?... running footsteps and doors slamming? Anyhoo, whatever.

What the past couple of days have been is frantically busy at work. Everything else is just ticketty boo, jim dandy, peachy even. Morgan is a joy, a treasure and an absolute sweetheart of a person. I'm very lucky. He's even a quiet sleeper. Yeah baby! Despite eating out a lot and being a fair bit less careful about what I eat, I haven't stacked on much (if any) weight. I thought I might have, but my belt indicates otherwise. I might even have had a small loss from my appetitie not being what it usually is (voracious) while I was sick.

The little quiet patch while I was sick aside, life is throwing plenty of fun stuff my way at present. I was about to buy a new camera, when one of the wonderful Sydney Photobloggers offered to sell me his, the exact same model, which is less than a year old, in great condition and he's only getting rid of it because he's upgrading to something more spectacular. He's throwing in a heap of accessories too and charging me a lot less than I can buy it for new. Score. Some of my friends are having babies and others are getting married.

In fact, this weekend Morgan, myself and Mikey (the lovely ex) are doing a three hour road trip to Canberra for the wedding. It'll be great to see all the gang in one spot, and a nice opportunity for Morgan to meet a bunch of them in one go. The present is bought, spectacularly wrapped (a vision in bright orange and shot silk ribbon - as the saleslady in David Jones card & wrap department said "Lovely! This will stand out amidst the sea of white and silver wedding wrapping!" You betcha.) and the new outfit has been purchased. All systems are go. We're off in the morning. Road trip!

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